Wanna make your own Sourdough? Here’s how (and you’ll help save a little boys life)

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Lockdown bread mania is here! Have you caught it yet? Sourdough has become one of most searched Google terms and with good reason – its not hard at all, but its a life you have to care for, that you’ll love and will love you back. We have all kinds of different ‘kneads’ during this time and suddenly we have the time on our hands to do good, no matter what your ‘dough’ situation. OK ’nuff of the puns now!!…

That’s why when we heard that the Executive Chef of The Opera House had launched #breadforlife project we wanted to share the love. Chef Kasper Christensen is raising funds for his friends little 2 year old boy who Filip has just been diagnosed with brain and spinal cord cancer.

We know that bread is life – but this literally is.

Kasper carving into a magnificent sourdough that could be yours!!

For $15 Kasper and his wife Anna will mail you the sourdough starter or to your friends and family anywhere in the world. We have just received ours! A little envelope arrrived, with a thank you letter and plastic zip lock bag of magic – dehydrated starter. We jumped onto the secret website and have been devouring step by step videos from one of Australias top executive chefs. Hurrah! We can skip hours of wasted time on Google trying to find out how to do it. Now your best mate is Kasper, and he’s going to show you just how to do it. All you need is flour, salt, water, time and love. In fact why don’t you co-parent?

yep! just add great butter and happiness is yours! (and bragging rights)

Here at DA we have been playing around with different starters, flours and methods and this one is a cracker!

Remember the rules. Traditional bakers name their starter. It should be a female name. We name ours ‘Carmen’ – after the opera where a hot tempered spanish woman seduces a naïve soldier. Its said to be one of the best five operas of all time and we really hope the same fate happens in our bread world!

The Facebook Group has just launched and already there are lots of photos and sharing of baking outcomes (along with Kasper’s helpful comments), What? Your bread didnt rise? No! Then the oven is unlikely to be hot enough.

Its looking like a week of rain, so when were all stuck inside why not create a movement that will help safe a live and will bring you, your family and friends together in a baking extravaganza? Share the love, make bread, break bread. Wham did say ‘Choose Life’ we agree, so get behind #breadforlife

#BreadForLife project – You will get a dry starter (pick up Frenchs Forest or postal to anywhere in the world, the recipe, a video tutorial about how to keep your new “bread pet” alive and how to bake it.
Join the #BreadForLife facebook group here
Mobile: 04053237275
Chef Kasper’s Instagram: @NordicDiningByKasper

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