Best beauty & wellness products so far in 2024

Beaute Pacifique

Beauté Pacifique– Have you ever met a Danish person with awful skin? No? Me neither. It’s one of the first things that come to mind when I think Denmark, other than our Mary of course. Now available here, the Danish the Danish skincare salon sensation, has efficacious skincare for all issues and a leader in Vitamin A especially! It’s a high quality, proven efficacious set of products.

Prices vary, but you can pick up at Adore Beauty

Lilian Muir

Lillian Muir  – Be a part of The Med Set, with this luxurious brand developed by a Sydney-sider who fell in love with Athens. Currently skin care, but will be branching out into a a full lifestyle brand. Launching very soon, so keep an eye out for this delicious new brand.

Prices vary and available direct from Lillian Muir.

Wrinkles Schminkles

Wrinkles Schminkles– Can you believe it’s been 10 years of Wrinkles Schminkles? The range is now so extensive not one part of your body has a right to have any wrinkles. From under eye, to forehead, neck, chest, face plumping and depuffing. Perfect for gifts and for yourself, the whole range actually works.

Prices vary available direct from Wrinkles Schminkles and % off your first order.

Lux by Kim Evans

Lux by Kim Evans–  Eyebrows are still such a focus of our faces. The 90s are on their way back – let’s see where our eyebrows take us. Pencil thin or living large, Kim Evans from Lux Brows and Lashes have the exact thing you need to be on point. Grow your lashes, comb your brows and keep them in place – Lux by Kim Evans is high quality product that actually does do what it promises. Perhaps it’s because Lux by Kim Evans is an actual Eyebrow stylist team from Melbourne who has designed these products to improve our unruly brows and lashes and make them into the star attractions they should be!

The One Haircare – Belinda Jeffrey

The One Haircare by Belinda Jeffrey – specialist range by renowned colourist Belinda Jeffrey made in Australia for coloured hair. Belinda just celebrated 20 years of her salon La Boutique in Double Bay , has a long list of celebrity clients/work and has some brilliant new products about to launch. Prices start at $50 and available from the online store.

Livani Haircare

LIVANI Haircare– 100% natural, award-winning, Australian-made luxury haircare. Delightful product that is vegan friendly and yet tested for efficacy. Using the finest of ingredients, Livani has a comprehensive range for every hair type.

Prices start at $58 and available from their online store. 10% of your first order too!

KENZINA lip masks

KENZINA– the cutest hydrating lip masks around (and more)- all vegan, 100% dissolvable in water, all contained in recyclable containers containing 20 -30 pairs to keep your lips completely soft, refreshed and supple.

Hydrating Lip Masks $70 and 10% off your first order. Available from the online shop.

The Groomed Man Co

The Groomed Man Co– Melbourne born, uber cool grooming brand for men- quality ingredients, high performance with some fun thrown in. Incredibly masculine packaging with effective products perfect for male skin and hair. High quality shampoos and oils to keep every man looking at their best.

Prices vary and available from the online shop.

Comvita Manuka Honey – the best of nature

Manuka Honey – brought to you by the genius of bees and Comvita, this premium grade Manuka honey is made fro the nectar of the Manuka Bush, in New Zealand. With the ability to sooth a sore throat, help digestion and even work on those pesky pimples. It’s a go to for winter – a spoon full of goodness for every day! Comvita’s Manuka Honey is unpasteurised, halal, kosher and certified gluten free. An essential for health, vitality and even good skin!

Prices vary and available here.

REJUVENIQE® for hair and skin

A simple solution to solve it all in one bottle. A combination of 13 different types of oils can be used on hair to reduce fizz, improve shine and also strength and can be used on skin to improve moisture. A lovely texture for the skin creating a light dewy look with a soft feel. A simple drop will improve hair quality and skin, in moments. It’s practically liquid gold!

A gorgeous new essential, in one. Available here.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil

Lather your skin in (affordable) luxury. The delightfully chocolate scented Cocoa Butter oil is perfect for the winter months to keep dry scale away and then in summer, great for the getting the legs out with a sexy shine. Functionally though, Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil will reduce scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing skin as well as the old dry or damaged skin. All natural oils blended to provide you with the best results with low irritation. Prices vary, but typically $8- $14 from Woolworths, Coles or Chemist Warehouse.

Monat Scalp Purifying Scrub

A scrub for your scalp and shampoo for your hair, this beautiful 2 in 1 will exfoliate your scalp and cleanse your hair of debris, product build up and general existing, to leave your hair thoroughly clean. Plus, by removing all the oils, it’ll reduce the need to shampoo so often. Ingredients include pink clay and apple cider vinegar as well as the above Rejuveniqe®. If you want every strand of your hair cleansed, and feel pampered at home, this is a must have. Available here.

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