Bitton X brings a fabulous fusion of flavours to Married at First Sight’s SKYE Suites, Green Square

With a cafe in Alexandria, a bistro in Rose Bay, and a range of condiments sold internationally, Bitton is already a well-established (and utterly delicious) empire. But, with a new partnership with One Global Capital’s SKYE Suites Green Square, the latest chapter in Bitton’s story is just getting started. 

Combining Chef David Bitton’s culinary brilliance with his wife and business partner, Sohani’s South African and Indian roots, Bitton X offers a mouthwatering mix of flavours from diverse cultural influences. Add to that Iwan Sunito’s passion, ambition, and keen eye for property development and you’ve got a recipe for success (pun intended).

David Bitton and Iwan Sunito – a match made in brunch heaven.

The location

Bitton X sits next to the lobby of SKYE Suites (yes, the one from Married at First Sight). It’s very much part of the complex and provides dining and room service options for guests. But, with some interior design magic, it also feels like a separate space that visitors can access from a street entrance. Mere footsteps from Green Square station (and just two stops from Sydney Airport), it’s an excellent location for casual business meetings or a quick take-away breakfast on the way to the office.

A simple coffee shop from the outside but a gloriously flavourful treat on the inside!

The Vibe

As we step into Bitton X, we’re immediately welcomed by warm and modern art deco chic. With light grey tones, pops of pastel pinks, and gold details throughout, it’s polished and elegant while also being relaxed and unpretentious. And, with quiet nooks and a range of comfortable seating to choose from, we can easily imagine ourselves socialising with friends or settling in with a laptop to get some work done.

The lower level at Bitton X is perfect for a morning coffee with friends or colleagues.

Everything at Bitton X is curated for a seamless and laid-back experience – right down to the carefully selected music volume that’s juuuuuuust right. For anyone above the age of 30, this is extremely welcome and, to be perfectly honest, nothing short of heroic.

Simple elegance with playful touches of extravagance in the upstairs area at Bitton X.

Let’s talk food

As a French chef with Turkish and Moroccan ancestry, David blends flavours and culinary traditions from a wide range of cultures. From the dishes themselves right down to the paired condiments, every detail can be traced back to David and Sohani’s family recipes and regional influences. So, when you order from the Bitton X menu, be prepared for familiar favourites with an inspired twist.

We start with Bitton’s famous Chilli Scrambled Eggs. This is no average eggs on toast. Inspired by Sohani’s grandmother’s recipe, it’s a mouthwatering blend of achaar (vegetables pickled with ginger, garlic, and spices), masala, and chilli oil. The fluffy-on-the-inside and crispy-on-the-outside sourdough bread combined with soft eggs, crunchy vegetables, and a rich infusion of Indian flavours is utterly delightful. 

A mini taster version of David’s Chilli Scrambled Eggs.

Next up is the Lobster Roll – a light yet creamy combination of pulled lobster, mustard mayo, tomato, and crispy lettuce on a lightly toasted bun. This is wonderful on its own but it’s particularly delicious with a generous dollop of Bitton Chilli Sauce. Sweet, fruity, spicy, and rich yet somehow not too overpowering, it’s a divine combination of flavours perfectly designed to elevate a wide range of meals. We love it so much we take a bottle home and add it to most dishes for the next few days.

A mini taster of the light and creamy Lobster Roll.

It would be ludicrous to leave a French chef’s establishment without trying a croissant (as if we really need an excuse!). It doesn’t disappoint. The outside is perfectly flaky and delicate while the inside is moist, rich, and buttery. It would be fabulous on its own but with Pepe Saya butter and Strawberry & Vanilla Jam based on David’s grandmother’s recipe, it’s sweet, satisfying and moreish in equal measure.

Sweet and simple, a croissant with Bitton Strawberry & Vanilla Jam was the perfect way to end our brunch.

The SKYE’s the limit…

The partnership between Bitton and One Global Capital is just a few months old but there are already several expansion plans in the work. Stay tuned for Bitton restaurants in all seven of their upcoming developments as well as Bitton catering in the $20 million state-of-the-art One Global Conference Centre currently under construction at SKYE Suites Green Square. 

The menu at Bitton X is spectacular enough already but you can expect even more diverse dishes soon thanks to the bigger and better kitchen space currently in the works. And, if that wasn’t enough, rumour has it that Bitton X will also be a licensed bar, open until 1am from September 2024 onwards. So, if you work or live in the Green Square area, this could be your new favourite spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond. With mouthwateringly creative meals and a welcoming atmosphere with a touch of simple luxury, we highly recommend it!

Bitton X is located at SKYE Suites Green Square, 6 Tweed Pl, Zetland NSW 2017
Some Bitton oils and condiments are stocked at Woolworths 
You can also buy directly at each Bitton restaurant or via the Bitton online shop

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