Feast on Flavourful Treats at Adriano Zumbo’s Enchanted Easter QTea High Tea

I’d heard a lot about the high tea offering at QT Sydney. And, with my fellow Daily Addicts getting the chance to explore QT Melbourne, Gowings Bar & Grill, and previous high teas, I was thrilled when my turn to experience Adriano Zumbo’s creations finally came around.

If you haven’t yet experienced QT Sydney – you should know that this boutique hotel is brimming with character. With an eclectic mix of quirky art and lavish designs, it’s like stepping into a parallel universe in a glamorous bygone era. Part art deco, part off-the-wall, it’s theatrical and cosy all at once. Even the super cheerful door staff are decked out in oh-so-retro-chic and fabulously eccentric outfits.

We arrive at the Gilt Lounge and immediately feel comfortable. It’s a relaxed setting yet the draped red velvet curtains and pops of bright colour add grandeur. From the trippy tea cups down to the offbeat antiques, it’s Alice in Wonderland meets The Crown – and we can’t wait to dive head-first down the royal rabbit hole.

Celebrity Chef, Adriano Zumbo plays with sweet and savoury flavours in this year’s
Enchanted Easter QTea High Tea

Digging into the savouries…

We’re in the mood for pampering, so we start with a glass of Mumm Marlborough Brut Prestige- crisp, light, and a touch fruity. There’s an option here to try various champagnes, Aperol Spritz, or in-house signature cocktails. But, the Mumm Marlborough is easy to drink and pairs nicely with the savoury offerings – so why mess with a good thing?

Mumm Marlborough with a bunny napkin for company!

First up is the Crispy Pulled Beef served with guacamole and lime. It’s rich and densely packed with succulent meat which is beautifully contrasted by the light and crispy almost arancini-esque coating. This tasty delight is followed by the Japanese Miso Chicken Roll (yuzu marinated chicken in a fluffy yet chewy bun) and the Spinach + Feta Parcel. The latter is delightfully zesty with some crispy kale on top for added texture. 

To finish off the savoury section, we have the Caprese Tart. Mozzarella, tomato, and basil – simple yet effective. The traditional Italian flavours are light and refreshing, with the basil serving as an excellent palate cleanser ahead of the upcoming desserts.

The Crispy Pulled Beef is best served hot so dig into this bad-boy first!

Let’s talk about the sweet stuff!

As we get ready for Zumbo’s sweet specialities, we dive into the teas. There are several options available including Burnt Blueberry, Mumbai Chai, and English Breakfast. We opt for the Rooibos Chocolate Bomb. It sounds like it could be a bit rich, but it’s actually light and not too sweet. It smells like chocolate but tastes like vanilla, which makes it a perfect pairing for what’s next.

We start with Adriano’s unique twist on the high tea staple – Hot X Sconez. Lighter and crispier than the traditional offering, it’s like a cross between a scone and shortbread. Served with clotted cream and Tasmanian strawberry lemon myrtle jam it does not disappoint. 

Next on the menu is the playful and oh-so-insta-worthy Miss Chicky. With a lemon, yuzu and white chocolate exterior and a tangy mango centre, it’s another light and zesty treat. This is followed by the Luv Sum Bunny – just as light and just as photogenic. Combining the flavours of coconut, rose, and lychee, it offers a playful mix of textures with a soft, glossy, and almost mousse-like coating and a jammy interior with just a hint of sponge in the mix. 

The Luv Sum Bunny is almost too cute to eat. Emphasis on the word almost…

As we work our way up the spinning high-tea tower, we reach The Great Egg Hunt – hazelnut praline, salted caramel, and a small chocolate egg on a light but not-too-crumbly tart. This is by far the richest of all the offerings but it’s also perfectly sized – so we can handle it! 

We finish with the three Zumbarons – Zumbo’s famous twist on macaroons. These are a regular feature at QTea but for this year’s Easter special, the flavours are Passionfruit Cream Egg, Mint Caramel, and Hot X Bun. Three very different and very delicious experiences, but the crown jewel is the Hot X Bun. The rich cinnamon tones combined with the soft and chewy texture are the perfect way to cap off a delightfully decadent sitting.

But, just when we think we’re done, an extra surprise appears at the table. We very much enjoy smashing our giant easter egg with the small wooden hammer provided, but we’re far too full to eat it. Luckily, there are cute takeaway boxes on hand so no leftovers go to waste!

Adriano’s Zumbarons are the pièce de résistance – of course!

The final verdict

The Enchanted Easter QTea High Tea is an eggcellent choice (sorry – had to!) for anyone who loves a wide range of flavours. Standout favourites were the Pulled Beef and Hot X Bun (not together of course). These were closely followed by the Spinach & Feta Parcel and the Great Egg Hunt (again – not together).

Set in a cosy yet theatrical lounge with a variety of cocktails, mocktails and bubbly options, it’s the perfect place for some weekend indulgence. There are plenty of areas to suit hen parties and baby showers but there are also several cosy corners where you can enjoy a relaxing high tea with a small group or even on your own. The staff are also super friendly and are more than happy to cater to a wide range of dietary requirements – so you really can’t go wrong here!

QTea High Tea by Adriano Zumbo – every Saturday and Sunday 11:00am – 4:00pm
QT Hotel – 49 Market Street, Sydney CBD, NSW 2000
Pricing from $99pp with additional drinks packages and optional smashable egg available
For group bookings and special events, call 02 8262 0000

The Enchanted Easter QTea High Tea is available on Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th, Saturday 30th, and Sunday 31st March 2024. 

If you miss out on a spot for the Easter special, you can enjoy the traditional QTea High Tea every Saturday and Sunday. And, watch this space for upcoming specials for Mother’s Day and more!

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