Contemporary Asian meets cracking singing at Yum Sing House, Melbourne

If you never thought cutting edge culinary dining, class and sophistication could be in the same sentence as ‘karaoke’, you haven’t been to Yum Sing House (YSH).

Literally meaning ‘Cheers’ in Chinese, YSH is a modern and contemporary Asian restaurant hidden in a CBD laneway.

Inside it’s elegant and refined. Dark, moody lighting, neatly set tables and a radiantly glowing marble red bar. The smallest subtle touches like bouquets of rich red flowers and divine smelling candles add to the romantic charm. Suddenly behind the grand leather booths, you spot a massive projector screening the 1960’s Chinese film ‘In the mood for love’. The life size characters on screen give a playful vibe and executes its intention as a ‘reflection of the hedonistic heyday’.

I start with a refreshing and citrusy yuzu cocktails have a sweetness balanced with succinct green tea notes, all packaged up in a large wine glass with fresh mint.

Then, the new winter menu begins with voluptuous round glossy milk buns. They have a soft sweet brioche taste, and texture inside like a floating fluffy cloud, While the kareoke component hasn’t yet began, these phallic looking carb balls are enough for me to start singing in my head ‘I like big butts and I cannot lie….’ But a little more lubrication is needed before belting out the tunes….

Pretty, purple and peppery raw tuna tataki bathes in a Japanese furikake broth with a wasabi pea kick. Unconventional, innovative and interesting are the prawn toasts. When placed on the table the waitstaff specifically instructs ‘one only please’. I didn’t understand why, until I had a mouthful. The circular toast topped with crustacean mince encapsulated in a crisp outer with an oozy creamy mayo and a deep fried curry leaf mean if he wasn’t that specific, I may very have have eaten a plate and called it a night. Glistening skin, fragrant dry aged duck is not just a theatrical performance as waitstaff pour liquid over the shiny bird at our table. The sweet marriage of caramelised orange cuts through the fat and highlights the gamey flavour. While a Pinot would have been an obvious choice, zero complaints with the superb wine match of a bold Barossa st Hugo Shiraz.

Post dessert, what is usually the end of an outstanding dining experience and time to call an Uber, at this place the fun has only just began.

We head upstairs, where still refined its a bit more ‘let your hair down’ type atmosphere for some karaoke. From a 6 seater to a 25 seater these rooms are designed to host any size group. No matter how large or small, the intention is the same – laugh, dance and sing your friggin heart out! While the evening leaves me with a hoarse throat, spinning head still ringing with Madonna and Tay Tay well into sleep time, it’s undoubtedly been a sensational night.

Yum Sing House lives up to its name. Yum- tick, Sing – double tick – and to this house – we say a very big ‘Cheers’.

Yum Sing House, 22 Sutherland Street, Melbourne, CBD
Sun – Mon – Closed, Tues – Thurs– 5.30-10pm, Fri – Sat –  5.30- Late

About the author

Coming from an Israeli background, and being fortunate to live and travel abroad in the Middle East and Europe for several years, Darielle has been a passionate foodie with since birth. She has an inherent love and knowledge of the hospitality industry, visited over 200 cellar doors worldwide and was the chief Melbourne judge at an international Resturant guide. With a corporate profession working as a lawyer in banking for 11 years, Darielle developed a love of writing. A busy mum of 2 little girls and a woman about town, if you don’t find Darielle out on a run, a gym class or hiking to the top of a mountain somewhere outlandish, she will no doubt be visiting a winery with her partner, sampling food at the newest Resturant, or cooking up a storm in her kitchen.


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