Say farewell to the Blues and hello to Greencup being, well, green….

There’s no denying it, Melbourne Winter is hard! The biting cold, the chilly wind, the electrifying hail. What’s even harder, is trying to keep slim and fit when all our bodies want to do is hibernate and carb-load. And, the thought of anything remotely healthy is actually rather nauseating. (RIP summer bod).

So while Green Cup, delightfully renown and so well-loved for their delicious Summer-y açai bowls, healthy green smoothies, and protein packed energy balls is great in the warmer weather, it didnt spark excitement. That was, however before a visit.  

On an awful freezing Melbourne stormy day, I entered the establishment and was greeted by staff sweetly dressed in their comfy new tracky jumper uniforms, proudly boasting the ethos of ‘Honest ingredients’ , I was given the rundown but the lovely Lulu. She passionately explained that the food is pure, no nasties, and every mouthful has an intake of wonderful superfoods to keep you clean. And thankfully, they have created a special range, perfect to appease my grumbling belly in Winter.

While I heard the thunder explode outside, I tucked into a steamy hearty bowl of their special porridge. These aren’t your regular boring DIY packet oats. A bowl of creamy goodness soaking in almond milk topped with your choice of delights. Mine had a burst of antioxidant blueberries, a creamy coconut yoghurt, and a big shmear of their latest colab with “Chef Joey D” –  ‘Crema di pistachio –  decedent velvety nutty spread made from pistachios.

Then it was toastie time. There’s an entire new menu, dedicated to hot bread, all made with a nutrient dense seeded sourdough. I was pondering on the kasundi, kale and cheese. But they have a July special- the ‘Tunacado’ – a crunchy toast bursting with a warming blend of tomato, avocado, tuna and vegan pesto that oozes health and deliciousness.

Being green, no matter the weather, a green smoothie is always essential. Fitting to fight off those nasty colds this chilly season, I opted for their ‘Immunity’ – a divine mix of spinach, pineapple, kale and banana for some sweetness. But to my delight, cheekily hidden inside is all the extra special good stuff – collagen, spirulina, and the latest superfood emerging in Australia – Sea Moss. This is a natural algae designed to improve gut health, reduce inflammation, give  refined focus and a boost of energy.

As I left Green Cup those dreary Winter blues turned into a clean green smile and I walked back into the rain with a body feeling nourished, satisfied and healthy again!

Green Cup
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About the author

Coming from an Israeli background, and being fortunate to live and travel abroad in the Middle East and Europe for several years, Darielle has been a passionate foodie with since birth. She has an inherent love and knowledge of the hospitality industry, visited over 200 cellar doors worldwide and was the chief Melbourne judge at an international Resturant guide. With a corporate profession working as a lawyer in banking for 11 years, Darielle developed a love of writing. A busy mum of 2 little girls and a woman about town, if you don’t find Darielle out on a run, a gym class or hiking to the top of a mountain somewhere outlandish, she will no doubt be visiting a winery with her partner, sampling food at the newest Resturant, or cooking up a storm in her kitchen.


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