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Ultra Nature, founded by Dr Sam Megalli a Senior Pharmaceutical Executive, university lecturer and medical research specialist a. Dr Sam’s extensive medical knowledge and experience has allowed him to create a range of clinically backed formulas to nourish your body, increase vitality and help you to feel confident in your own skin.

We sit down with Dr Sam to discuss how optimal wellness can be supported by blending dynamic natural extracts with the latest in medical science.

The wellness industry has absolutely exploded over the last few years and with so many trends and so much information out there, how do we know what brands to choose?

I think that times have changed – consumers are more informed than ever before and catchy ‘buzzwords’ and designer packaging isn’t enough to generate success. People want to know what they’re paying for, and ultimately – that it’s going to work. I think with Ultra Nature, we’ve never focused on trends, we’ve always just been about innovation, meaning our products are always a few steps ahead. 

This, combined with a focus on natural ingredients, and clinical studies that back our products available transparently on our website, has created an environment of trust, and I would say trust and efficacy were huge contributors to any brand’s success.

Collagen powders have had a cult-like-status for the last few years, do you feel like ingestible beauty is moving in a new direction now?

Absolutely, we have seen a huge demand for advanced, complex formulas that go way beyond addressing just superficial skin concerns. I strongly believe beauty starts from within – the whole body is connected, so fixing some gut issues can actually improve your skin or even memory and so on.

Making smart, evidence-based formulas with supportive scientific data to tackle issues that damage the skin (and indeed, other organs on a cellular level) is absolutely the way forward. Protecting against free radicals, repairing damage on a cellular level, enhancing healing, hydration and collagen formation, plus boosting circulation and supporting skin’s structural integrity is the key behind our advanced skin formulations.

Your key brand messaging is ‘Amplifying the Power of Nature’. Do you mind going into some more detail about what this means for the formulations and the manufacturing process?

What we mean by ‘nature, amplified’ is that we have taken completely natural ingredients – bioactive extracts of things like turmeric, bee propolis, microalgaes, herbs and naturally occurring trace minerals and vitamins, and we’ve used state-the-art lab equipment to make them as potent, dynamic, bioavailable and readily absorbable as possible.

We’re not exactly reinventing the wheel here – these types extracts have been used over the course of thousands of years, to great acclaim in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines – but we are significantly upgrading it, increasing the extracts’ efficacy with pioneering analytical ‘fingerprinting’ of raw materials and up-the-minute formulation technology.

We’re an Australian company, and we design, manufacture and package every single Ultra Nature product on-shore. This is in line with our sustainability ethos, but also means that we are subject to extremely strict standards. The TGA is perhaps the most stringent governing body in the world when it comes to pharmaceuticals, so we know our customers have absolute peace of mind.

Can you tell us about your products Skin Clear and Skin Anti-Aging and Energy, and the way they work? 

So, Ultra Nature Skin Anti-Ageing + Energy is currently the only product in the market which is formulated with NAD+ precursor. Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) is clinically proven to maintain cellular energy and support DNA repair in every cell and organ in the body. The body’s NAD+ levels naturally decline with age, so boosting the levels back to an optimum level are essential to maintain skin health. It also contains a highly absorbable version of hyaluronic acid to increase skin hydration, firmness and reduce wrinkle formation, in addition to biotin, zinc and vitamins C & E.

Ultra Nature Skin Clear are chewable tablets, uniquely developed with a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralise free radicals to promote healthier, brighter skin and promote regeneration. L-glutathione reduces oxidative stress by increasing antioxidant levels, and when combined with grape-seed extract, reduces inflammation. The addition of Selenium and vitamin D3 help combat damage caused by UV.

With such a huge focus on nature, can we ask about sustainability and what Ultra Nature is doing as a company to lessen their impact on the environment?

We have a deep understanding and respect for the power of nature, proactively focusing our energy on maximising its effects by using modern and sustainable practice. All our ingredients are ethically sourced, and everything is designed, manufactured and packaged within Australia.

Our bottles are created from HDPE recyclable materials, and we have ceased the use of outer cartons to support forest regeneration initiatives.

With winter upon us, any tips you have to help our immune systems fight off viruses?

Selituss is a very effective, natural chesty cough liquid which contains two active ingredients to decrease the severity of persistent coughing. This helps to improve the quality of sleep, which is essential for your body’s healing. Immune Defence, also, contains patented ingredient Wellmune™ which can be taken to prevent seasonal ailments, and also to assist in the recovery of them.

There are so many supplements to choose from, what would you say were the most important things to look out for when scanning the pharmacy shelves?

The biggest thing, I think, due to the incredibly strict standards I spoke on before would be that the product is Australian made and TGA approved. Also, do your research, read the science! Informed is best, and at the end of the day, nobody has time or money to waste on products that simply don’t work.

visit the Ultra Nature website or see the range in-store at select chemists and health-food stores.

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