Hello Msc1 Tone – it’s time to Bin your SKIMS!

There are certain things that happen when you age, and frankly, when it comes to our bodies, none of them are all that great. It can feel like one day your half hearted once a week efforts at the gym are enough, and the next you’re shopping for those tummy control and bum lifting undies made famous by Bridget Jones and more recently, the Kardashians. 

You gotta hand it to them, those curvy queens know how to bring a collection to market. Their SKIMS range has every imaginable constricting garment, from waist trainers to full body suits with a range of easy breezy names like ‘Barely There’ (barely breathing) and ‘Sheer Sculpt’ (more like sheer torture!).

Let’s chop up our shapewear

Let’s face it, shapewear is pretty crap, it’s like an 18th Century corset wrapped in hype. How many of us have sweated away at a wedding, feeling like a human sausage? Or have been out to dinner only to run to the bathroom and wrestle with your second skin for what seems like hours to hike it down, then up again, just as the synthetic folds have found that mosquito bite and every time you move, it’s like being stung by a stingray. What we now know is that being besties with your maxi squeezy undies can lead to a range of health issues, including abdominal discomfort, digestive issues, dizziness and skin rashes.  If you agree with the mantra that compression levels are for scuba divers, read on. 

At DA we believe the only ‘power panties’ in our house will be those free of nylon and spandex. We are all about owning our shape again. 

So forgive us that we have hit February armed with a touch of sarcasm, wit and a healthy dose of sassy smugness. We have a new product drop to outsmart the gym bunnies, muscleheads and those who flaunt activewear as a religion. We are throwing out our Spanx, questioning our over priced personal training and never will we ever again need to lie on the floor doing a pelvic tilt just to wriggle into our skinny jeans, as we are pretty darn excited about a new Kiwi invention called Msc1 Tone.

Gotta love the Kiwis who brought us the ZORB ball, the springless trampoline and the syringe, they are a quirky lot, our mates from across the ditch, but they have excelled themselves with inventing a world first, brand spanxing new category of health supplements that can assist with maintaining a more youthful body composition (which translates as better fat to muscle ratios). 

One sachet a day keeps the Skims away!

We are all about shaping up and supporting our fat metabolism. Science Research Wellness (SRW) took China by storm with its cellular system range when it launched in 2021, so we have been waiting impatiently for the next breakthrough in how we work with our bodies to counter the effects of ageing. It’s here and we anticipate it could help us with things on all our universal hit lists, like finding our bodies from, say, five years ago, minus the daggy ex!

Without sounding too much like a medical journal, there are three active ingredients which make this Msc1 Tone unique, the first is  HMB which has been used widely in the medical industry, helping stop bed ridden patients from turning into jelly. HMB supports the maintenance of muscle mass and integrity. The second is Ornithine ketoglutarate (OKG) which supports healthy fat metabolism (fat burning, baby!), lastly Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) assists with fat metabolism (yep, that’s a double dose of fat burning!!)

So it’s pretty exciting to learn that research studies for Aussies and Kiwi’s are complete, nearly three quarters (73%) of participants reported a more youthful body composition after just 60 days. We delved a bit deeper and can give you some inside intel, we’re talking about fat loss and a more sculpted, toned appearance. 

Msc1 Tone boxes

Our beauty editor is about to kick off her own personal journey with a few boxes of MSC1 Tone as soon as they land. This little lime sachet dissolved in water is going to be our new SKIMS in a glass and we will keep you posted. Keep an eye out for our Beauty roundups soon.

Msc1 Tone is available from www.srw.co  at a cost of $119 (NZD)

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