A Health and Beauty Marathon for the coldest time of the year

Winter. Blah. Skin is dry, motivation is low and the fire is on high. Health and wellbeing are just as important as ever.  Here are the latest and greatest to make you feel your best in your skin, your body and your home. 

Renovatio Bioscience Apskin From $19.95

An apple a day will keep the doctor away – and dry skin and remove make-up ad curb sugar craving and help mobility. The team at Renovatio Bio science have developed a whole range of products that bring together the power of the apple across a range of products. 

The Activated Apple Cider Vinegar with a mother, will help your gut health, inflammation and also curb those sugar cravings. We know a woman who is 100 years old and no word of a lie she says it’s because she has a tablespoon of ACV every day.

Beyond that, the PH balancing skin cleaner is fresh, natural feeling and don’t leave your skin dry. 

Body oil  – a gorgeous oil that is highly effective and rids you of that awful dry skin that winter can bring. Leaves the skin soft and moisturised all day – without leaving behind a greasy residue. 

Comvita range – Survive winter  – $59.95

Olives are delicious and olive leaf will have you feeling stronger and ready to tackle the winter ills. Comvita is an Australian business with a olive tree farm in Queensland. Olive Leaf extract retains its its key polyphenolic compounds, led by Oleuropein.  Consistent with the Mediterranean diet, Olive Leaf has shown to help support both healthy immune and cardiovascular systems. Multiple flavours from peppermint to berry  You can take Comvita Olive Leaf Extract for every day antioxidant support & general wellbeing and just one shot a day is enough. 

Lady Shake – From RRP $49.95

If you’re like me, you will have indulged significantly in the deliciousness of winter desserts – puddings, cakes, bakes are wonderful, but then during the week it’s back to gym, protein and considering what the good stuff  the body needs. The Lady Shake is one way to balance out life a little. Swap one or two meals a day with Lady Shake. Filled with collagen protein for skin, fibre to help you feel fuller, pre and probiotics to give you a healthy gut, and other vitamins and minerals. Mix with water or dairy or non-dairy alternative for a great long-lasting shake to take you through breakfast or lunch.

We tried vanilla and it tastes like a vanilla shake – unlike some others you may have tried. 

Glasshouse Candles – RRP  $59.95

Glasshouse has introduced two captivating fragrances for the winter season. The Fireside in Queenstown and Last Run in Aspen are thoughtfully curated 380g soy candles that bring the essence of winter, particularly the enchanting apres-ski atmosphere, right into your home.

Fireside in Queenstown evokes the aroma of smouldering woods and cinnamon, while Last Run in Aspen features a delightful blend of amber woods and wildflowers.

These exquisite scents possess the power to transform your surroundings, providing a sense of calm and comfort during the winter months as you unwind by the warm glow of the fire. Embrace the magic of winter with these gentle yet captivating fragrances from Glasshouse.

The Beauty Chef  – RRP $69

A proudly Australian-made brand, The Beauty Chef was created by Carla Oats in 2009 after healing her family’s skin issues and discovering that beautiful, glowing skin begins with a healthy gut. Carla realised the power of the gut-skin connection and the importance of beauty from the inside out. She began experimenting with lacto-fermenting skin-loving superfoods in her Bondi kitchen and that’s how GLOW—The Beauty Chef’s first inner beauty powder—was created.

Carla works on her unique formulas with a team of leading microbiologists, naturopaths and nutritionists, employing cutting-edge research to develop products that support gut health and glowing skin—beauty from the inside out. All products are manufactured in Australia and taste amazing. H

Circa candles from $39.95

CIRCA, a brand dedicated to transforming and elevating your home, is also committed to quality. CIRCA takes pride in hand-pouring their candles in Sydney, with a dedicated team of candle makers. This attention to detail and craftsmanship shines through in the finished product. The Rose & Lychee candle exudes an air of sophistication and refinement, thanks to the skillful artistry of the candle makers. Vegan and reusable, Circa’s candles add elegance to your room. 

Waken – RRP from $13 

Waken, the renowned UK mouthcare brand, has finally made its way to Australia, and it’s ready to revolutionize the dental aisle. With 93% of Australians expressing a desire for a natural and eco-friendly mouthcare range, Waken’s arrival in Woolworths, means you can clean and care for your teeth and the environment. Waken’s stunning packaging and four flavorful options across toothpaste and mouthwash reflect their commitment to a gentler, more careful approach. Waken delivers on effectiveness, including its whitening toothpaste that can brighten teeth by up to 8 shades, without any peroxide. With their thoughtful range and dedication to sustainability, Waken is the new go-to brand for oral health and beauty.

Breville – Refresha RRP $99 

Breville has unveiled Refresha, a game-changing reusable mini dehumidifier that combats dampness and mold in confined spaces. Designed to fit snugly in wardrobes, drawers, bathrooms, and other enclosed areas, the Refresha is the ideal solution for Australia’s colder and wetter months. By utilising silica beads and a 360-degree air inlet, it efficiently absorbs moisture from the air, safeguarding clothing and belongings from mold and unpleasant odors. When the beads turn green, drying is required, and the auto-detect drying base rejuvenates them within two hours. 

Priced at $99.95, the Refresha is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and child/pet-safe alternative to disposable moisture absorbers. Winter humidity has met its match!

Burts Bees Sweet Mandarin $4.50

Mandarins are in season and in hot demand. Why not pop them on your lips.

Burt’s Bees Moisturising Lip Balms nourish and hydrate your lips and make them feel healthy and revitalised. This balm is infused with beeswax to thoroughly moisturise and soften lips while mandarin fruit extracts give it a sweet kiss.

Nourishing coconut oil will also make your lips feel luxurious. Plus, it’s 100% natural origin and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS. Help your lips feel their best with these natural Burt’s Bees® Moisturising Lip Balms.

EllaVie – RRP $66

Rafaela Shkambi, a skilled registered nurse specialising in chronic disease management, dermal therapy, and aesthetics, has developed a remarkable solution for hair loss. Drawing from her expertise and personal experience, Rafaela meticulously researched natural remedies and crafted a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals that helped her and she recognised her unique combinations could help others.  Rafaela, collaborated with a chemist to perfect the formulation, ensuring its premium quality and efficacy.

This vegan, cruelty-free product embraces organic and cold-pressed oils, consisting of a carefully selected blend of 11 botanicals and natural ingredients. Scientifically proven to enhance scalp health and promote hair growth, it combines antioxidants, DHT blockers, and nourishing elements. With a waterless solution, preservatives are unnecessary, maintaining the product’s potency. Sustainability remains a top priority, demonstrated by reusable, recyclable, and lightweight packaging to minimise the carbon footprint. Rafaela’s creation is a testament to her commitment to excellence and nature-inspired solutions.

About the author

Michelle hails from the UK – but grew up with big flavours and spices thanks to her Singaporean Mum. International cuisine has always been part of Michelle’s life as she explored the world in the pursuit of delicious food and wine – along with a castle or two. Michelle now lives in Sydney after a lengthy stint in Brisbane (a city dear to her heart, which she visits frequently). She is letting her nose and palette be her guide as she discovers and shares exciting and delicious dining experiences. Michelle also loves, in equal measure, fashion, sunshine and puppies.


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