Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

We love our mums, but did you know Australia is one of the countries who spends more per capita on their mums than anyone else in the world? Each year it gets bigger, so we are kicking off our guide early and will be adding to it right up until M-DAY!

For the Foodie Mum

Guga: Breaking the Barbecue Rules by Gustavo Tosta

He’s adorable, his passion is infectious and hes a BBQ YouTube channel sensation with over 4M followers. Guga (aka Gustavo Tosta is the creator of popular Guga Foods and now cookbook auther.

It’s a cracking book with over 90 recipes, from dry-aging, how to make traditional recipes like smoked brisket, Texas-style ribs, and steak, but he also adds his larger-than-life flair to recipes like his famous Doritos steak, picanha (a Brazilian specialty), Korean-style chicken wings, and sweet-and-spicy pork belly. We also love things like butter chicken and recipes for sides such assmoked mac and cheese, elotes (grilled Mexican street corn) and Brazilian deep-fried bananas. RRP 49.99

The Spice Tailor

Anjum Anand is a cookery writer, TV presenter and entrepreneur who has been on a mission to bring great-tasting, Indian food to our homes. She has written eight Indian Cookbooks, hosted three prime-time Indian cuisine cooking shows on BBC2 in the UK and the SBS network in Australia. She has a range of home kitchen curry pastes from Kerlan, Southern Pepper, Tikka Masarla to fiery Goan Currys. We took the Kerlan Curry for a spin. We heated up the pan with some oil, thew in the whole stairsspices in (which make our kitchen smell amazing), as they spit and release their aromas, we add our veggies, then follow with the creamy sauce. Within 10 minutes we have a delish curry full of aromatics. supermarkets.

GEVITY RX – Sweet Guts Chocolate

Sweet Guts™ chocolate is the answer to guilt free indulgence with no sugar, diary and it is high fibre. The sweetness comes from chicory root, a vegetable that is high in beneficial fibre for our gut bugs to thrive, plus a touch of monk fruit. For fibre they use Chicory Root Fibre (prebiotic), Inulin Plant Based Fibre (prebiotic) and Cassava flour which turns each square into a superfood chunk that is devoured by our good gut bugs. So how does it taste? Our fav was the salted caramel. Each square clicks out with a satisfying ‘crack’ and the creamy mouthfeel comes from coconut milk and cacao. Little bits of caramel pop in our mouth – it’s delicious and not sickly sweet nor does it taste artificial. Great one for mum and hopefully she might share if you get the range. RRP$9.95

Bored of Lunch The Healthy Air Fryer Book

The title says it all. We love No More Boring Lunch’s Instagram and blog posts so a full book of more than 80 recipes is definitely a treat. Sometimes a little bit of inspiration goes a long way, and there’s no way flipping through these easy quick-step recipes won’t get the taste buds pumping. Nathan Anthony knows us all too well – the Northern Ireland home cook had our backs during the pandemic and keeps coming through with the goods. If your mum has jumped on the air fryer trend, and you’re all still eating chips every night, this one’s for you. We mean her. RRP $26

Cobram Estate – Reserve Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We have all had olive oil, some good some really, really bad. If you want to treat mum then try their new ultra premium range. Our favourite is Picual. It is a Spanish olive variety originating in Andalusia and now flourishing in Northern Victoria! So no guilty carbon miles to stress about. Picual is a beautifully complex flavour with bold green hues a peppery finish and herby flavours. RRP $23.00 a bottle.

For the beauty & fitness lovin’ Mum

Msc1 Tone

Made by using science and the understanding of how our bodies work, this product is quite brilliant. Tastes slightly citrus, without being overpowering, and after two months of taking once per day, we saw a definite increase in energy  – meaning jumping out of bed became a much more feasible possibility than it was previously. The real bonus through was the muscle definition, particularly in areas that have been tough to show muscle definition previously – for instance the arms (speaking for myself obviously). The technical background is that Msc¹ Tone contains a proprietary blend of HMB (used to help with muscle composition), OKG (amino acid glutamine) and BHB (energy when you’re not eating enough carbs) to support muscle tone, fat metabolism in cells and ketosis.  The program is designed to support you through training and also eating a balanced diet. Find out more here.

The Beauty Chef – Ageless pair

Glow At Any Age! Keep your mum glowing K with this skin-boosting duo designed to promote radiant, plump skin from the inside out. Supercharged The Beauty Chef’s exclusive probiotic strain and fermentation process, which increases the potency and bioavailability of their wholefood ingredients to keep mum feeling and look fab.

Twelve South – Hover Bar Tower

This is so cool. It took minutes to set up and now we have a hands free companion that’s perfect for workouts and so much more. It was easy to pop our iPad to this height adjustable stand. Works great for a mum with a stationary bike at home too. So whether its music lessons, cooking in kitchen, watching Netflix in bed or dialing in grandma into her virtual seat at the table – this is a the gift you didn’t know you needed. RRP $129.99

The Body Shop Bouncy Eye Mask in the Edelweiss

Resilience is the name of the game when it comes to motherhood AND this small but mighty product. The Body Shop renamed and reformulated their Drops of Youth line to bring us Edelweiss and help right an industry meant to help self-esteem not sabotage it. We’re all in on this one, especially after test-driving the new Bouncy Eye Mask in the Edelweiss range. It targets tired eyes and lines, especially for dryer skin types, and even better, mum can use it in the morning (tap gently) and night (apply more liberally, leave for three minutes then massage in excess). Now that’s a mask that works as hard as mum. RRP $45 

Glasshouse Fragrances

Give a limited edition scent that will have her imagining herself in a far away place with the new Touch the Sky range – with scents that will take you to the heavens. Capturing the scent of pink suede and peony, this gorgeous scent is a perfect gift for any mum who wants her home to be beautiful.

Heartwood – Lago Eau de parfum

5pm. Balcony drink. Baking salty skin. Favourite people. Endless afternoon.

A tribute to Cottesloe’s ‘late afternoon glass off’ when the summer heat engulfs the South Westerly wind and the Indian Ocean turns to glass. Stirring through coastal green scents, aquatic and floral notes, this salty sea spray is grounded in its powerful base of Indian sandalwood, sustainably farmed in North Western Australia, this scent is a contemporary homage to the country with a strong scent of home.

Indian sandalwood, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Geranium, Coriander, Clary sage, Lavender, Myrrh, Vetiver, Cardamom, Ylang ylang, Frangipani absolute, Tree moss absolute.

For the Tech-Mum

ECOVACS DEEBOT N10 Plus – robotic vacuum cleaner

We have a Dyson and thought it was the bees nees – till we met this little fella! We have had it for over a week now, and his adopted name is ‘Derek’, as Deebot N10 Plus is a terrible name to call a member of the family which he is now. Launched to Australia on May 1st. This a game changer, packing a powerful 4300Pa suction punch and mopping tech at the same time. Our house has two greyhounds, one is a bit wary of it, the other (Maggie) isn’t sure whether to play with it, or kill it. If you have dogs, your cleaning needs double. Derek sets off on his first mission to map the lounge, dining area and kitchen, amazingly navigating unruly surfaces like rugs, a Peloton and more. It automatically mops on flat surfaces, understood not to go over the edge of our front door into oblivion thanks to laser-based LiDAR, he called for help if it got stuck (and also said so via my app-connected iphone). No dog hair at all!  Yes this is a mum’s best friend and with auto empty station dad’s too, as he doesnt need to put the bins out for two months thanks to 2.5l disposable dust bag. RRP $999.99

Skullcandy Mod True Wirelesss Earbuds

Multipoint Pairing makes it possible to pair your earbuds to two devices at once. Connections are managed automatically. If your phone rings while you’re on a video call or watching a movie on your laptop, your connection will switch so you can take the call on your phone. Mod is built to last. It features Tile™ finding technology and an efficient battery that provides 34 hours of listening time between the buds and the case. Mod also boasts IP55 sweat- and water-resistance, so it can handle the most intense gym days or rugged adventures without missing a beat.

Mod features especially selected, expertly tuned drivers and a noise-reducing Clear Voice Smart Mic in each bud to deliver the best audio quality for any music genre or media. Preset and custom EQ’s and Stay-Aware Mode let you hear your audio exactly how you like it.

Bonelk Long-Life 3in1 Multiport Hub

This is a fab ano Travel adapter is a great solution firstly with a 4K 30Hz HDMI output for video enabled USBC or Thunderbolt devices so we can connect our TV, monitor etc. The second is USB-A 3.0 female port which is perfect for connecting to laptops and our smart devices. The third is a USB-C 100W port which connect to more smart devices – its our airplane connection system! Built using high-quality materials and intelligent electronics. Super sleek sexy and compact.

Morphée Zen

Meditation made easy. That’s the real deal if you gift your mum a Morphée Zen. This pebble-shaped device packs a serious punch for something that fits in your pocket. It’s got 72 pre-programmed sessions including soothing soundtracks, voice therapies and immersive journeys. Now, Mum might have an app for some of that, but this device is completely screen-free so she can properly switch off and zen out. All she needs to do is put her phone on charge somewhere else (maybe even in another room!), pop in the Morphée Zen headphones and she’s on her way to anxiety management, stress relief and improved concentration. RRP $119.99

For the drinks-lovin’ Mum

Polka South Australia’s newest de-alch drinks company

POLKA’s journey began in 2021, South Australia, a place where quality wine and produce are eponymous and also the home state of founders, Ben and Emma Mellows. They use premium South Australian wine, natural extracts and native botanicals, to create a taste profile that elevates the non-alcoholic category to a more complex flavour profile.  We tried their new rose, a blend of Riverland wine which tastes like a rose. The addition of Davidson Plum adds a touch of sweetness and has lovely rounded flavours of strawberry, raspberry and well… you guessed it plum!! Absolutely delicious – we finished the bottle in one sitting! Duo RRP $39.95

Ok, so you are cooking lunch, and then you realise that you don’t have your mums favourite wine or dad’s beer. OMG!!! So in the middle of Mothers Day prep what do you do? Halt all cooking and jump into your car? Send someone out in an emergency dash? Or continue to drink your margarita whilst you tap a few buttons on the Jimmy Brings app? We took it for a spin, quick sign up with our details and then we were in! A six pack Fuphy’s and a few bottles of Mists & Shadows Chardonnay (RRP $12!), ticked all the boxes (and not rip off prices either) incredibly it arrived like a Mary Poppins experience with a knock on the door all chilled, so darn easy. Tell us again why we go to a bottle shop and lug of heavy bottles into the car then out again. Download the app here

NON Blush Set – Salted  Raspberry & Chamomile and Lemon Marmalade & Hibiscus

Zero Alchohol. Max flavour. Founded by Aaron Trotman, a serial entrepreneur and foodie on a mission to create the future of drinks, NON is a balancing act built from the ground up with key notes of floral, tannin, salinity & acidity. The Blush Set has two bottles named NON1 & NON5. Our favourite is the #1 which is close in complexity to a kombucha, the palate has nice rounded raspberry flavours and the chamomile gives it a floral savoury back note whilst the soft bubbles say decadence. NON5 has citrusy flavours and agian a floral finish which gives it complexity. $60 RRP

Peter Lehnman Stonewall Shiraz

Upholding similar philosophies of ‘paddock-to-plate’ and ‘grape-to-glass’, Matt Moran and Barossa’s Peter Lehmann Wines have collaborated with winemakers to create memorable moments through unique food and wine experiences. It’s a two-year partnership which commences with the celebration of 30 vintages of Stonewell, one of Peter Lehmann’s flagship wines and one of the world’s greatest Shiraz. It’s $100 a pop, so mum will know you love her. Stonewall is famed for coming from unique vineyards creating grapes which are smaller, deeper in colour and more intensely flavoured – ‘Little Black Jewels’. Our bottle revealed its character over time with a crimson rim, with vivid violet edges and a deep purple-black core. Delicious juicy black fruits, a bit of chocoalate and spice with light woody notes with velvet tannins.  YUM. RRP$100


For the minimalist mama – a tiny drop of LOVE in the form of the new hydration sensation “microdrink”. The Waterdrop range consists of a tiny tablet to drop in a water bottle, infusing it with delicious flavours and nutrients. LOVE is a fruity fizz of Pomegranate, Goji Berry and Schizandra, and there’s also YOUTH (Peach – Ginger – Ginseng), GLOW (Mango – Cactus Fruit – Apricot), BOOST (Blackcurrant – Elderberry – Acai) and FOCUS (Peach – Ginger – Ginseng). Pair them with on of waterdrop®‘s stylish water bottles for a fun and sustainable way to enhance water and stay refreshed. Water drops RRP $17

Cote des Roses – The Rose

Created by renowned winemaker Gérard Bertrand, the Cote des Roses range has a stunning bottle with a rose on the bottom of the bottle. It’s named after the coastal area near the typical village of Gruissan which is known for making great Rosés. We loved it for gentle nose of summer fruits, cassis and redcurrant floral notes of rose along with hints of grapefruit and a dry finish. For the price point it is a great French tipple and the range features a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir and the most popular, Rosé. It has been a favourite from the Languedoc region that offers a premium wine at a valuable price compared to many Provence wines. RRP $23

Stoli Cucumber Vodka

From ‘Latvia to the world’ Stolchinaya began in 1938 and created the ultra-premium vodka movement in 1989 thanks to a process which includes three distillations and four filtrations. We cracked open our Stoli® Cucumber vodka bottle. The taste is really smooth, clean and crisp on the palate, but it has delicious undertones of cucumber which gives it a savoury finish. We enjoyed ours as a Mule cocktail – see here for the recipe. RRP $49.99

For the Home lovin’ Mum

Care Bare Slippers

Nothing says I love you more than comfy feet. They are just a little bit too cute and if you don’t have furry friends in the home they could be your next BFF as winter approaches. We love the thick soles and firm layers of padding and the super fluffy fur. Plus they don’t need walkies or feeding! RRP$15

Origin Tea Iced Tea Cocktail Gift Box

Mother’s Day marketing targets tea lovers hard so we’re loving this twist on a time-honoured tradition. Origin Tea has launched low sugar iced tea syrups and for Mother’s Day you can buy Mum an Iced Tea Cocktail gift box. You’ll get three of their new syrups – Sneaky Peach, Tropical Kiss and Lemon Zest- all of which are low calorie, low sugar and actually made with real tea – plus a cocktail jigger for measuring syrup (and alcohol) and three fun cocktail recipes to try. Iced tea not Mum’s thing? We’re big fans of the sticky chai – vegan, gluten-free and available in original but also raw cacao, turmeric and peppermint versions. RRP $79.50

For the fabulously dressed mum

Lululemon Wunder Puff

It’s official, we’re wild about the Wunder Puff. This brand new puffer jacket from Lululemon will certainly keep mum snug this winter. Water-repellent, windproof SoftMatte™ fabric is the name of the game, and it comes in killer colours that bring the pop she needs in the dreary winter months ahead. So we know it’s warm, but it’s Lululemon, so there’s plenty of other goodies including the much-needed pockets, phone sleeves and best yet, a cinchable waist. RRP $319

Mambo Women’s Jacquard Knit Sweater

There’s no denying (believe us we tried) that Winter is sadly on its way but one consolation is this cosy knit will keep Mum warm, and in style. Even better, you’ll find this fantastic number in Big W without the big price tag of other Winter woolies out there. Oh, did we mention it’s machine washable? Mambo Australia, you’re looking after mums everywhere. RRP $35

UGG Express AS UGG Slingback

No one, we repeat no one, will ever be disappointed by the gift of comfy footwear. Even better, stylish comfy footwear. These spiffy slingback Uggs are exactly that. The AS Ugg Slingback Slippers Unisex Waffle Plus numbers from UGG Express are the perfect way for mum to keep her tootsies toastie without having to sacrifice style. The brand also has the extra popular and extra fluffy Kamari range to choose from too. Whether it’s with PJs or tracksuit pants at home, or out and about, these UGG Express numbers are like walking on cosy clouds and we’re here for it. RRP $69

Let’s Play Tag Mystery Box

Look, there’s not a lot of mystery left in the world, especially if you’re the mum buying your own gift this year. But, never fear, Let’s Play Tag has got you. Get your hands on one of these limited edition Mothers Day Mystery Boxes. First, they’re excellent value, at $55 each, you get three statement earrings and two pairs of studs, second, the designers are fabulous. We can’t give all the details away, because where would be the fun in that, but expect sparkles, shapes and big pops of colour. There’s even a bonus gift! RRP $55

Mambo V-Neck One Piece

Mum already planning her European summer? She’s our kind of mum! Give her something to pack in her suitcase with this gorgeous number you can find at Big W. With a scoop back, bra padding, and best yet, it’s machine washable, this is a winner. RRP $24

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