Face Fashion – The Ultimate Guide to Runway Ready Skin.

We want perfect skin even when we don’t and both internal care and external products really make this possible. From water to vitamins to nutritious food, to rest to high quality ingredient products that are truly effective.

One such product is Synergie Skin.

There’s no doubt that Synergie Skin is one of the biggest success stories in recent years, with founder Terri (Vinson) Jones turning her single-woman skincare start-up into what is today a globally established beauty brand. Founded almost 20 years ago, this iconic Australian skincare range is instantly recognisable in any beauty gurus #shelfie.

Currently in Sydney, from her hometown of Melbourne on official Fashion Week Business, she sits down with us today to talk about her exclusive skincare partnership with three major Australian designers, and the skin-prep her team of experts are executing backstage for Fashion Week 2023. 

Thank you so much for chatting with us today! First of all, do you mind telling us a little bit more about the designers you’ve partnered with this year? We understand they’re all Australian female-founded labels. 

Synergie Skin is proud to be partnering exclusively with female-found and led brands for Fashion Week. This year we are partnering with iconic Australian labels Bondi Born, Albus Lumen, and Karla Špetić. Collectively they each radiate confidence and elegance in their own unique ways. 

Amazing! So let’s take it back a little bit, Synergie Skin was founded nearly two decades ago, what was your original vision for the brand and can you tell us a little bit about what the evolution has been like? 

Almost 20 years ago, I embarked on the most exciting journey of my ‘mid-life’. I began formulating Synergie Skin products to fill a much-needed gap in the beauty industry. Little did I know that this would one day become a global cosmeceutical skincare brand! The inception of Synergie Skin came from my initial observation that the skincare industry was missing three key components: transparency, evidence-based science and empowering the customer with a clear understanding of the ‘why’ they should use specific products. As a cosmetic chemist and biologist, I had always been deeply compelled to inspire, educate, and create – plus I’ve always been a beauty junkie! My aim from the beginning was to make people feel informed and empowered when it came to their skincare choices. In doing so, Synergie Skin does so much more than make a difference to their skin – it makes a difference to their inner confidence. 

I’ve heard you say before that when you first started out some of your formulations didn’t pass the “elegance test”. Do you mind elaborating on what makes or breaks a product formulation for you? 

As a formulator I need to have an understanding of not only the ingredients and how they behave together, but how they interact with the biology of human skin cells. This is why I coined my SEED principle (I love a good acronym!) and use it every time I create something new. 

SEED stands for Stability, Effectiveness, Elegance, and Delivery. The ingredients must be ‘Stable’ and not cause the formula to break down, separate or become rancid. They need to Have the highest ‘Efficacy’ and actually work. This means having the clinical data to support their benefits whilst reaching their target cell to ‘Deliver ‘and create an effective change in the skin. I also think the ingredient must have that ‘feel-good’ quality that makes the customer want to use it. This is what constitutes my personal “Elegance test”: the formulation’s ability to meet all of these requirements without any fluff or compromise. 

Synergie Skin was one of the first ‘cult-status’ Australian beauty brands, what do you think was your point of difference early on that set you apart from other brands? I believe the market needed a female cosmetic chemist that knew precisely what women needed – I knew what I needed myself and I wanted to share this. Synergie Skin’s key point of difference is that we harness the most effective aspects of both science and nature, based on clinical data and scientific expertise. We combine only effective and complementary elements in our formulations whilst excluding ingredients that will not serve the skin or are considered questionable.

Secondly, being a vertically integrated company means everything is created under one roof. We are 100% Australian-made and owned and I formulate, test, and develop my products in our Melbourne-based laboratory. I pride myself on the scientific integrity of all my formulations, which I oversee personally. If the latest science points to new ingredients with greater product efficacy, I will always reformulate to improve existing products, which I know my customers appreciate! Afterward, our products are manufactured, packaged, labelled, and dispatched in our warehouse. Having all operations in Melbourne allows us to carefully control each element of production, from concept to shipment, and remain nimble to change and innovation. 

What would you say has been the most successful Synergie Product to date, and do you think that there’s a secret sauce when creating these crazy, hyped up products that sell out time and time again, or is it just luck? 

At Synergie Skin, we believe that our success is a result of constant innovation and a commitment to rigorous research. We don’t rely on luck or a ‘secret sauce’; instead, we approach each product with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and a willingness to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Our most successful product to date is undoubtedly UberZinc, our protective moisturiser which was specifically created to address the unique challenges of Australian sun exposure. This product has become a cult favourite among our customers. 

So, back to fashion week, what was your vision for the models’ skin this year? Did you have a goal in mind when selecting the products for the skin prep or have you just included your personal favourites? 

Our goal for the models’ skin during fashion week is to maintain balance and restore calm, even in the face of high stress and pressure. We carefully select products that are designed to soothe and restore, providing lasting lifting and anti-inflammatory effects that keep skin looking and feeling its best. These products are not just personal favourites; they are specifically chosen for their ability to support and nourish the skin under challenging conditions, helping to create a flawless and radiant runway look. 

Tell us a little about your skincare routine, am and pm? Would love to know what that looks like for you, and if you exclusively use Synergie, or enjoy any particular treatments?

I’ll happily admit that I am a maximalist with my skincare routine. After all, I’m after MAXIMUM results and consider my skincare as an integral part of my daily routine. Many often ask me to share a list of my favourite products that I use every day, so here they are, and yes I do use Synergie Skin exclusively! 

Cleanser: UltraCleanse 
Skin balancer: Dermiotic 
Serum: SuperSerum
Eye treatment: ImprovEyes Day 
Serum: Effica-C 
Moisturiser: ReClaim 
Neck and decolletage cream: Elastense 
Daily Solar protection: Mineral Whip / UberZinc

Cleanser: UltraCleanse 
Skin balancer: Dermiotic 
Serum: XCell B 
Serum: Acceler-a 
Eye treatment: ImproveEyes Night 
Moisturiser: ReClaim or LumiBalance facial oil 
Neck and decolletage cream: Elastense 

The things you’ve done with Synergie Skin and your own brand are extraordinary, including publishing your own book, ‘Skinformation’ where you share your expertise. What advice would you give to anyone wishing to crack into the beauty industry themselves? 

When it comes to breaking into the beauty industry, the most important advice I can offer is to find your own personal connection to the industry. It’s not enough to simply mimic what others are doing; you need to stay in your lane, understand your own motivations and passions and use them to drive your work forward. Finding your own unique niche is essential for success in this field and once you have identified your strengths and motivations, it’s all about hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to constant learning and improvement. With these qualities in place, anyone can succeed in the beauty industry and make a meaningful contribution. 

Finally, let’s talk about upcoming trends. Where do you see skincare going in the next year, are there any ingredients or anything you see really taking off? I believe that there is a cultural shift happening where anti-ageing products are being redefined as part of a broader approach to skin health. This is actually a good thing for our industry because now people see skincare as an extension of health rather than just chasing the elixir of youth. I personally love this because I believe ageing is a privilege, and we should embrace it for the graceful natural process that it is. 

On the note of skin health… We have been specialising in probiotic, post-biotic and pre-biotic skincare and foresee this taking off in the mainstream as there is growing interest in the microbiome and its role in skin health, so I anticipate more research and product development in this area. 

Is there anything exciting we should keep a look out for from Synergie Skin? We have some exciting product launches coming up and have been wanting to take functional makeup even further than we have done in the past… so watch this space! 

To discover more or buy online, visit https://synergieskin.com/ or to get your hands on a copy of Terri’s book ‘Skinformation’ visit her website https://terrivinson.com/

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