Tech Addict: Living the ‘Dreame’

We test out the hottest high-tech offering in the world of robot vacuums.

The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat robot vacuum

We want to begin this review with a confession: in a small inner-city house with a large, shedding German Shepherd, this writer was not confident in the ability of a robot vacuum to not only navigate the obstacles of our cluttered home but also get all that pesky hair our fur-baby leaves behind. Enter Dreame Technology and their L10s Pro Ultra Heat robot vacuum. Not only is this a piece of home technology at the cutting (or should it be cleaning?) edge of automated domestic devices, but it’s promised to be more than up to the task at hand. When it comes to robot vacuums, many of us immediately think of ‘Roomba’ , one of the originals in this space, but Dreame Technology is not to be snubbed even if you haven’t heard of them before. Established in 2017 they are market leaders in high-tech vacuums, and even robot lawn-mowers! It’s definitely some Jetson-era stuff. 

Now to get into this review, and there’s one thing that cannot be ignored about the L10s Pro Ultra Heat, it’s sheer scale. The box alone was massive, and surprisingly filled to the absolute brim with the vacuum, the tower and various attachments and cleaning supplies kindly supplied by Dreame. There’s a 2-sided card to help out with setup, and after about 45 minutes of unboxing, positioning, downloading the free ‘Dreamehome’ app and convincing the dog that this was a helper and not an enemy, we were set-up and ready to go. 

Fynn the German Shepherd is excited to unbox!

Via the app you have access to almost all the capabilities of this hi-tech home cleaning device, including the type of clean, setting up your house with the ‘Precise CleanGenius’ room-by-room cleaning strategy, Using an intelligent algorithm, the L10s Pro Ultra Heat learns the layout of living spaces and recommends improvements in the sequence, tailored to each room. Depending on the layout, type of floor and placement of furniture, the device then calculates the ideal cleaning strategy. As a bonus there’s a cool little laster on the front with a camera that means you can see the progress as it goes!

The L10s Pro Ultra can be controlled seamlessly via the DreameHome app

It’s important to mention too, that this is not just a vacuum but a mopping system as well, which is key to the point of difference L10s Pro Ultra Heat offers. One of the drawbacks to robot vacuums is their round shape, and cleaning into tricky corners, and the L10s Pro Ultra heat solves that in a remarkably simple way. It has what Dreame has dubbed ‘MopExtend’ technology which allows for the mop attachments to simply extent beyond the reach of the robot body, and into tricky to get spaces. This writer also found it useful at cleaning around chair and table legs as well as obstacles on the floor such as shoes or dog toys.  It offers mopping and hygienic floor care with hot water (at 58°C) which helps loosen stubborn stains, effectively removes odors, and enhances the effect of the cleaning solution. The 4L dirty water tank and a 4.5L clean water tank means reduced manual water changes. 

The handy ‘MopExtend’ technology means that this robot vacuum can clean places it’s competitors just can’t reach

The 6-in-1 station on the L10s Pro Ultra Heat is a big unit, so make sure you have the space when you consider buying the production. There is a reason for it’s bulk however, not only takes care of a charged battery, it also offers functions like; mop cleaning with hot water, automatic mop drying with hot air, auto-Empty/Hands-Free up to 75 days, automatic fresh water supply and automatic refilling of cleaning agents. Really it’s a whole-package hands-free cleaning Dreame!

Having now run the L10s Pro Ultra Heat for a week of reviewing it’s clear that there’s some high-quality engineering behind it, it had no problems navigating, and its suction power is strong for such a little machine. It also does a decent job of picking up hair and debris our fur-baby traipses through the house, with a couple of exceptions. Due to the size of the opening, it wasn’t able to grab larger items such as dried leaves that game in on shoes, and it also struggled getting a deeper clean of the hair on our rug in the living room. This writer’s solution was a proper once-over with the stick vacuum, and then setting the robot out daily to keep it maintained. An added bonus of the height of the bot is that it was able to vacuum under our couch and entertainment cabinet, which usually requires two people to move, super helpful. 

After a rocky start, Fynn and the L10s Pro Ultra Heat are now friends

The Verdict:

In order to truly test out every feature on the L10s Pro Ultra Heat you need to give yourself some time, but as an automated cleaning solution it’s robust, clever and powerful and if you have the space, a worthwhile investment. We paired our unit with the home Alexa setup so now all we have to say when leaving the house is, “Alexa, ask Dreame to start cleaning”. It really does help make housework… a Dreame.

What we’re addicted to:
– The design is sleek, and robust
– User-friendly app
– Clever technology and integration of mopping

What we need to be more addicted? 
– The size may be prohibitive when setting it up in the home
– Struggled with thick dog hair on carpet
– At the more expensive end of Robot Vacuums

The Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat is now available in Australia to purchase now at an RRP $1899 with free bonus of accessories bundle valued at $199.95 from the official Dreame website, as well as Harvey Norman and JB HI FI.  

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