Get the clearest sound for the most affordable price with Huawei Freebuds 5i

Three colours of sound

Not all earphones are created equal and it’s taken a number of different pairs to really understand this. When the Huawei Freebud 5i came into my life it was a quick “well hello sailor, shut up and get in my ears”.

With 7.5 hours of battery life  and up to 28 hours when you charge in the case, there are some amazing features to these little buds, which are available in blue, white and black.

Design wise, these two little Freebud 5i sit inside an tiny egg-like magnetised charge case that will  keep your ear pieces inside pretty robustly – so no running around in your bag. Also when laid flat on the table they don’t roll around due to the flat stems. Again, no chasing the Freebuds down when you just want to listen to music.

Pairing was a cinch with both the laptop and phone (something we assumed would be the case with all earphones, but that’s not altogether true as we’ve all been there – turning off and on our devices repeatedly to connect). They sit in your ear comfortably – you can shake your head dancing in them, run in them, take calls while walking or sitting and you don’t need any adjustments.

Stylish and perfectly designed for the ear

 The headphones are smart – and Huawei points out that these have a DNN algorithm that activates noise cancellation as soon as you answer a call in a noisy place – amazing. The noise cancellation can be activated, deactivated or on attention mode  – so you can walk through busy streets or dance around the house and still hear the doorbell – or cars beeping at you. Important not to be injured while listening to your favourite song.

Incredibly effective noise cancelling and excellent sound pick up for conversation, these are perfect for the gym, with excellent bass for anyone who likes working out to dance, these will make you run faster for longer! The bass is perfect for mid and high frequencies – there is no metallic sound and a hefty bass if you’re music suggests.

Voice calls were the best we’d had on earphones with proper clarity, no background noise and truly hearing the entire timbre of the person you’re talking with.

Now for the truly amazing bit – the price. Varies between $121 and $159  – whichever you land on – amazing value for money with sound this good.

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