Hot beauty products to kickstart 2022

The pandemic continues for yet another year but our want for normality remains. Here we have some very practical and powerful beauty products to start your 2022 as we search for things that make us feel glam and remind us to shine. With these hot little numbers, 2022 will at least mean clean, supple, plump and well mosturised skin. Hooray for that.

What better product name than Conserving Beauty? Big heart for this one

Conserving Beauty Conserve You Face Oil | RRP $55.00 

If you haven’t started using oils for your skin yet – do it now. Even if you think your skin is oily already – it’s actually a misnomer, get the oils on your skin to balance out the PH. Weird, there’s a scientific reason for this, but all we know is they are amazing for dry and oily skin, adding moisture and minimising pores where necessary. This one formulated entirely without water, with sustainability at the core of their brand identity, Conserving Beauty’s protective face oil, helps to soothe redness and inflammation while guarding your skin against blue light and environmental damage. This non-greasy all-rounder is packed with antioxidants and powerful oils to nurture and protect all skin types. 

Vela must also mean some smart science in Latin

Vela Days Lipid Complex CannaComplex® Cleansing Balm | $89.00

2022 is all about cleansing – getting ride of the stress of 2021 and also ridding your face of the stresses within. With a truly unique formulation, this oil gel to milk cleanser works as both a first cleanse on dry skin and a second cleanse on wet skin. Made from rare plant oils, containing Vitamin A, B, D, E (these are the ones you need to remember)  and Omega 6 & 9 to restore skin, purify pores and provide long lasting moisture. 

An oil as a serum? Yes please

Vela Days Oil Infusion CannaComplex® Fortifying Oil Serum | RRP $102.00

Another oil, except a serum, so should be the base of every face (serums before moisturiser, always and if you want an oil on top).  This one is  a luxurious and deeply moisturising active oil serum that fortifies the lipid barrier, hydrates and helps to restore radiance. Enriched with Cannabis Sativa Oil, this ultra-hydrating and specially formulated oil, can be used before or after moisturising, helping to repair compromised barrier functionality, while boosting your glow. 

A glow stick for your body

Ciaté London Dewy Body | RRP $37.00

Oils not just for the face, but for the body. This dry body oil is formulated with skin-nourishing coconut oil, vitamin e and hydrating manoi, leaving you with glistening, supple skin that gently shimmers in the sunlight – the perfect addition of shimmer this Summer. Get your body to the beach. 

Be the cleanest version of you yet

Go Bare Sonic Cleansing Brush | RRP $89.00 (is on sale right now $80.00)

You’ve seen them before, but not like this. A very affordable and effective sonic cleansing brush. With 8,000 sonic pulsations per minute, the soft bristles go beyond cleansing the top layer of your skin. Vibrating at seven different speeds, this handy gadget buffs away dead skin cells, stimulates collagen production and removes 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue that would otherwise be left behind. Different from cleansing brushes of the past, Go Bare’s device stays clean and causes no skin irritation due its super soft antibacterial silicone bristles. A hot purchase for the year ahead, no matter what life throws at us this time, at least our skin will be super freaking clean (hey, so what if covid has given some some ocd habits). 

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