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It’s certainly been a year. Most of us would have felt almost every day of it, having spent three and a half months literally locked inside four walls in zoom meetings and in trackpants (we know some of you kept up your style, but some of us really embraced the idea of comfort seeking). Well now we’re free and the silly season is upon us, we have a bonza beauty bonanza for you. These are our latest favourites to add to your Christmas list or just to reward yourself with because…well, do you even need a reason? 

St Tropez | Self-Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Face Serum | RRP $34.99

Self-tan your way to St Tropez

Tan. Tan. Tan. That’s what summer screams at you. And the best way to get that summer glow is to  use a high quality bronzer to give you that sun-kissed glow in a hydrating and cleansing way. We love this Bronzing Water Face Serum from St Tropez. Infused with Vitamin C to instantly brighten your skin, and Vitamin D to mimic the positive effects of sunshine. 

BOOST LAB | Vitamin B3 Blemish Rescue | RRP $29.95

B3 for blemish eradication

Adult acne, hormonal pimples or whatever you call them when they raise their angry little heads on your about-to-head-to-the-bar skin, can be eradicated with some help from Boost Lab’s Vitamin B3. This oil-free serum delivers an intensive Vitamin B3 concentrate to help reduce excess sebum production, blemishes, acne, enlarged pores and redness. 

Go Bare| Facial Cleansing Brush | RRP $89.00

Clean the day (and night) away

The perfect tool to cleanse away committed party make-up.  This waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush is suited to all skin types. Using 8,000 sonic pulsations reaching your pores per minute, this handy gadget effectively removes 99.5% of dirt, oil, dead skin and makeup residue that would otherwise be left behind with a regular cleanse. Say hello to super supreme clean skin. 

Liquorice lip oil | RRP $10.00

Soften and plump

Soften and plump your lips  – yup not only soften your kissers, but make them pouty too with this lovely lip oil. Q&A launched in Australia  just this year and their products truly bring us joy – not only because they are lovely, but are also so inexpensive and vegan friendly. There’s a huge range of options within the range with great so explore the products. Another favourite of ours is the Collagen Cream.

ROC Skincare | RRP starting at $20.99

Retinol away the lines that weren’t made from laughter

Retinol, they  (the big beauty experts and dermatologists) say is a must. Retinol can sometimes actually be too harsh for the skin and cause more problems than solve them. Yet Retinol can be harsh on skin and cause irritation, so finding the right one can be a journey seemingly not worth the skin-risk.. Until right now that is. Recently launched in Australia,  America’s #1 retinol moisturiser has landed  here and we are excited.  ROC has a range that is comprehensive, solving for deep wrinkles with intensive creams and also for daily top ups with hyaluronic acid, which is a favourite of ours, because we love efficient product that can do two things at once.   Plus the entire range is clinically proven and oh so affordable. Now stocked at Chemist Warehouse. 

Limited-Edition Salted Caramel Lip Balm | RRP $6.99 

Seasonal lip smacking lip balm

Sweeten up your holiday season with the taste of salted caramel on your lips. This natural balm helps nourish dry lips with a touch of Shea Butter and Vitamin E, leaving them soft, supple and tasty. The festive packaging and limited-edition flavour make it a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift! Burts Bees lips balms are 100% natural origin, responsibly sourced beeswax, contains shea butter and vitamin e. Tasty!

Rodan & Fields Face Masks | RRP $83 

Mask your way to great skin

One of our favourite brands, Rodan & Fields, has recently launched a comprehensive range of face masks that tackle any specific skin concern. Try the Recharge Detox Mask to detoxify your skin. This mask will draw out impurities while also replenishing with moisture – a win-win.

The Unblemish Clarifying Mask will reveal clear skin by reducing excessive oil and shine, and in doing so prevents new pimples from forming. The Soothe Rescue Mask soothes dry skin and reduces redness over time. See instant results and also improved results over time. Who doesn’t love a product with cumulative impact?  Again an amazing set of quality products that do what they promise and in packaging you want out on your bathroom shelves.

Burts Bees Lip Shimmer  | RRP $10

Shimmer your way through summer

Want soft lips with a touch of colour and don’t want a full lipstick look?  These stocking stuffers from Burt’s Bees will be perfect for your collection. For only $10 these are the perfect little pick me up and you may as well buy a bunch of colours to suit every day. Packed with Shea Butter and antioxidant-rich fruit oils, these Lip Shimmers will soften your lips and add colour.  

Self dissolving micro-needle patches | RRP $75.00

Beauty images
Dissolve your wrinkles and these microneedles away

Never have we wanted a product to get in our faces quite so much. As fans of micro-needling this is another perfect innovation from the team at Wrinkles Schminkles. A fun brand name with a serious range of high performing products and this little guy is no different. We triple bypass heart this. The little needle dissolve into your skin and you’re left with plumped up collagen enhanced skin.

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