The Darling Spa launches with a touch of international beauty fame – Babor!

Over the years we have reviewed many spas, beauty rooms and treatments. But let’s face it, if we are paying $200 for a treatment wouldnt it be wonderful if we had a day of very exclusive and unobtainable fun thrown in for free?

The Darling rooftop pool and spa (far left corner!)

The Darling Spa does all of this and more. When you book a treatment you literally have the run of the hotel! The crowning glory is the beautiful rooftop pool on level 5. It has private cabanas with floaty curtains softly billowing in the city breeze, a miriad of corners and loungers for you to find the pefect book reading spot or people watching corner. Oh and if you want to order lunch, staff are on hand. The heated pool is our go to first, then we jump into the spa. It feels like a million hot champagne bubbles are being realeased onto your body, as opposed to other experiences were we have been pummled to near death!

Let’s cut to the chase, the spa. Much like the mind tricks of a casino we get lost in a world with no time. I open the door to sumptuous sexy chocolate, copper and wood interior designs. There is no natural light; just candles, dim corridors and a maze of rooms to get lost in (thankfully the therapist handovers are streamlined). The smells of lemongrass and ginger fill the corridors.

I am guided to the changing room. Digital lockers hold the key to my complimentary toiletaries and safe belongings. Donning a fluffy robe, slippers and a very comfy disposable G-string I am ready! My treatemnt room is down a long hall. The room is dimly lit and am invited to sit on a chair and lay my feet into a warm bath. A smoking ceremony honours the owners of the land. I lie down on an gently heated massage bed which knows the contours of a womans body. I am in a happy place with soft white towels, a rest under my feet, a towel over my hair, this is safety in the hands of experts, it’s heaven.

The Darling Spa has recently partnered with Babor which entered into Australia for the first time. Founded in 1956 by chemist Dr. Michael Babor who developed HY-ÖL, which cleanses the skin with natural oils. His success laid the foundation for a kitchen in Cologne and for numerous award-winning innovations. To this day, the company is family-owned and well-founded scientific research is part of the BABOR DNA.

Babor oils enable a soft massage of my back, neck, arms, legs and after that – time and life just oozes into a wonderful fuzzy world. The massage therapists know how to position, change towels, check for feedback, shift sections and seamlessly turn you over and repeat. It’s a luxury to be on bed which knows a womans curves.

zen relaxation lounge

Sadly a chime brings an hour to the end. Normally this would be the point of dispair, sadness and depression. But no! We have the steam room, jacuzzi, boutique gym, zen relaxation lounge and tea lounge all to explore.

The Darling isnt’ just a spa its a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Many of us feel like we are emerging from a world of four walls, The Darling creates a santurary which feels comforting, exciting and brings world class skin care to our bodies with so much more to enjoy than simply the treatment.

The Darling Spa,Level 2, The Darling, 80 Pyrmont Street
Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:30am – 7:00pm

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