Gojima and Gingergirl launch- a double whammy for The Star, Sydney

They are two of our favourite chefs; Chase Kojima who forever changed Japanese dining with that crispy nigri salmon dish at Sokyo and Teague Ezard whose Asian restaurant Gingerboy has been wowing Melbourne fans for years, whilst Sydney got to know a different side of him with Black Bar & Grill. Brace yourself Sydney – these boys are about to enter new territories!



Burgers used to be about the bit in between; beef was boring so the ‘steaks’ lifted with wagyu, buttermilk chicken and even crumbed prawn got a look in. Today, no longer is the bun the unsung hero; seeded white, brioche, milk or sourdough. BUT, the burger is being disrupted…prepare yourself for a Gojima revolution.

Imagine a length of crispy rice with a seaweed wrap over seaweed hinge. When you bite into your burger there is a pop, crackle as the seaweed tears, then you get crispy rice (oh boy!). As you bite down it becomes an unctuous layer melting into cheese, then you hit the Chase Kojima special sauce and filling of your choice (could be all natural Angus beef, crispy chicken, katsu mushroom or even a fresh sashimi options of salmon miso, yellow fin tuna or Hiramasa kingfish). Next, you hit layers of tomato, lettuce, scallions, pickles and more sauce. It’s life changing.

The fun continues with umami salt shoestring fries and Japanese southern fried chicken, spicy succulent pieces of moreish chook. Grab a frozen strawberries and cream custard or swish it down with a Asahi Black. We know where we are hanging out this summer.



If you love Gingerboy, then Teague Ezard delivers with more than a few additional Asian street smarts. The menu is short but covers the favourites such as a blue eye yellow curry which is bursting with ginger goodness from house made curry paste. It’s all there; the lemongrass, the cumin and roasted chilli. Plump lychees and mangos create a refreshing salad.

Duck lovers should try the red curry with Thai basil generously splashed with coconut cream. Pair it with turmeric rice busting with peanuts, dried chilli, coriander and baby tomatoes. If you get in quick you may be lucky enough to try the monthly favourite of salt ‘n pepper chicken ribs; a sticky finger licking delight. Cool off with a tropical thunder slushie of watermelon, coconut water and fresh lime and we reckon this is Pop-up we could get permanently attached to.

People say good things happen in pairs, in fact two is a lucky number in the Far East and we predict that the two ‘G’s, Gojima and GingerGirl are going to bring good winds of change to The Star’s casual eating options.

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