Around the world in 80 cocktails – Gin Lane’s Beach Club and Manly Spirits pop-up menus will take you on a wild ride!

Transport yourself to some of the world’s most iconic coastal destinations
with Gin Lane’s Beach Club menu

Nestled in Chippendale’s vibrant yet cosy Kensington Street, Gin Lane is a must-try destination for any self-respecting cocktail lover. As you arrive, the tantalising aromas of Spice Alley and the hustle and bustle of the adjacent bars and restaurants make you hungry, thirsty, and excited all at once. And just as well really, because Gin Lane has plenty of mouthwatering cocktails and shareable dishes to enjoy. 

We popped in on a humid summer evening to sample their Beach Club menu as well as the limited-edition Manly Spirits Co. X Gin Lane collab. We’d been here before so we knew there would be some theatrical Insta-fodder, but nothing could have prepared us for the spectacular feast of globally-inspired cocktails we were about to enjoy. 

Celebrating Australian flavours as well as iconic beaches from around the world, both menus are fun and flavourful in equal measure. We start with The Mini Coastal Martini Platter – a trio of strong martinis served on a bed of edible sand (imagine if you took a mallet to the flaky crumbly bits at the bottom of a cheesecake – yum!). Our favourite so far is the Coastal Citrus – dry but with a zesty kick. We line our stomachs with some truffle fries, sweet potato fries generously peppered with herbs, and a cheese board featuring smoked cheddar, Danish blue, and brie. We could (and perhaps should) have gone home well-fed and watered at this point, but little did we know that this was the tip of the iceberg…

The Mini Coastal Martini Platter was a strong start (literally).

Next up is our favourite of the evening – the Australian Brambush (dry gin, lemon juice, lemon myrtle syrup, and davidson plum syrup). Sweet, refreshing, and easy to drink, we could order this pink sensation on repeat. But, we have a job to do and plenty more cocktails to try (it really is a hard life). 

The Taro (dry gin, taro, house tonic, and sweet potato foam) is thick yet light, sweet yet not sickly – a cocktail with a hint of boba vibes. Meanwhile, Coastal Collins (dry gin, limoncello, verjuice, soda, kaffir, and lime) is like going to the beach and taking a big breath – it’s drinkable ocean spray served with a candy fish for a touch of extra sweetness. 

Another tasting paddle complete with scrumptious edible sand.

We’re somewhat buzzed by this stage, but we’re not even close to being done. Next comes the Flights Tasting Paddle. If you can’t decide between the cocktails on the Manly Spirits pop-up menu, this one brings you smaller versions of Coastal Citrus, The Beaches, and Lilly Pilly – served on another bed of biscuity sandy goodness. There’s a similar offering on the Beach Club menu too in the form of the Global Beachside Flight.

I’ll be honest, folks… by this point, I’m starting to lose track. Our super-friendly waitress is upping the ante on the volume and theatrics, and each offering is more spectacular than the last. The Positano Spiaggia looks like an actual ice cream cone – gin, vodka, lemon sorbet, limoncello, mint, and prosecco served with a smoke bubble that pops to release a light yet intense citrus aroma as you drink. Meanwhile, Miami Lights is a fruity mojito liquid disco filled with spiced rum, passion fruit, lime, mint, and actual flashing lights. 

Hawaii Sounds of the Sea – who knew an iPod shuffle was the perfect cocktail side dish?

Perhaps the most unique experience of the evening comes in the form of Hawaii Sounds of the Sea – a two-person cocktail served in a giant sea shell. Made with pineapple-washed rum, curacao, orgeat lime, and sea salt, it’s hard not to feel transported to a hammock on a tranquil Hawaiian beach in just one gulp. But the good folks at Gin Lane don’t stop there – they also provide an iPod playing ocean sounds and spritz you with calming ocean spray as you take your first sip. 

We’re still not done, by the way… 

Now significantly buzzed, we move on to some of Gin Lane’s staple cocktails. Breaking Bad is a potent bright blue mix of tequila, absinthe, green chartreuse and prosecco served in a medical beaker with a champagne & absinthe syringe and a baggie of smoked salt. In a similar vein, the Smokers Delight is a combination of hemp gin, hemp seed-infused Cointreau, toasted hemp agave, pressed citrus, and CBD oil served with an edible hemp sticker and cannabis incense. Meanwhile, The GOT Wildfire continuously releases smoke from a Game of Thrones Goblet and UP! is a sweet and citrusy shareable bucket served with a balloon that explodes gold confetti on arrival. Just in case you weren’t yet impressed with the theatrics…

Smokers Delight – the smell alone will relax you after a hard day at the office!

If you can believe it, that’s not even close to everything we tried (we counted 19 cocktails in total). We’d be here forever describing each one in detail so we recommend that you go and explore the menu for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a first date, or a catch-up with old friends, Gin Lane offers a snug corner where you can indulge in a couple of cocktails or settle in for an evening of elaborate offerings. Unsurprisingly, they know their gins and have a wide range on offer. But, what sets this bar apart is the full sensory experience. Their cocktails range from the relaxing to the ridiculous – they don’t take themselves too seriously and offer an array of playful, theatrical, and spectacular delights. 

The team at Gin Lane are clearly passionate about creating new and exciting cocktails that are as immersive as they are delicious. That much is obvious as soon as you arrive. So watch this space for upcoming pop-ups full of experimental and experiential cocktails!

Gin Lane Sydney16 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008
Manly Spirits Co X Gin Lane pop-up menu available until 18 March
Beach Club menu available until 31 March
Opening Hours: Mon 4:30 -late, Tues 4pm – late, Wed 4pm -late, Thurs 4pm – late, Fri  2pm – late, Sat 1pm – late, Sun 3 pm – 11 pm 

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