A Queen’s night out at Reine & La Rue, Melbourne

‘Reine’ is the Queen, and from the moment I enter the grand establishment, I’m treated like one. Walking through the regal entrance, I can’t help but feel my jaw drop in astonishment as I notice the astounding pillars, spectacular ceiling and colourful marble-stained glass.

We’re seated cosily in an exquisite booth, where the plush leather chesterfields and a dimly lit bankers lamp shines just enough to give romance, elegance and charm. Gushing and adoring waitstaff transform our evening into a gorgeous European tale. After a glass of bubbles, suddenly the outer Melbourne surrounds becomes redundant as I’m deeply captivated into this gloriously opulent affair.

Main Dining floor

The menu isn’t overly large, nor to start with particularly inviting. Unusual and perplexing menu terms such as anchovy pissaladière and lavosh are a bit intimidating, but with the waiter’s kind patience and sweet disposition, explanations ensure we’re set to go.

A robust scallop gratin with a full mouth textured tarragon butter is served in its rustic shell, with a subtle crumb crunch. A mountain of ice hosts the Tiger prawn remoulade. A crisp cooling pretty cos leaf shell has plump chards of crustacean and pops of black caviar. Coupled next to it, its seafood friend, tender curls of warming calamari is topped with a velvety green sauce verte, and Queen’s match a stunning glass of Chenin Blanc.

Chargrilled on their woodfire, a fillet of dory has a charred skin and with subtle yet balanced notes of seaweed. It’s astounding that the simplicity of a palm size eye fillet, served alongside lemon cheek can be so moist, tender and unbelievably special.

While a cheese cart is a not needed, it’s a must have. Both entertainingly theatrical as it is delicious, a fromage selection is brought to our table, and we cant help but order an indulgent triple cream ‘Brilliat Savrin’. With a small but easy arm twist, from jovial, delightful French waitstaff, it’s is accompanied by a sweet sticky Filhot Sauternes. (I ignore the $31 price tag for just glass, as Queens needn’t worry about costs, so I’ve banked it as tomorrows’ problem).

The experience is magical, enriching and leaves me with a glistening smile that lingers for days after.

Its not everyday I get to be a real life Queen. After an evening at Rein &La Rue, that box is now ticked.

Rein, 380 Collins Street, Melbourne
Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm, Monday – Thursday 5:30 pm – Till late, Friday – Sunday 5:00 pm – Till late

La Rue
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday | From 4:00 pm till late

About the author

Coming from an Israeli background, and being fortunate to live and travel abroad in the Middle East and Europe for several years, Darielle has been a passionate foodie with since birth. She has an inherent love and knowledge of the hospitality industry, visited over 200 cellar doors worldwide and was the chief Melbourne judge at an international Resturant guide. With a corporate profession working as a lawyer in banking for 11 years, Darielle developed a love of writing. A busy mum of 2 little girls and a woman about town, if you don’t find Darielle out on a run, a gym class or hiking to the top of a mountain somewhere outlandish, she will no doubt be visiting a winery with her partner, sampling food at the newest Resturant, or cooking up a storm in her kitchen.