Eco Guide: Five slick sustainable Sydney brands from fashion to homewares (you’ll want to get to know)


If you are currently reading this in befuddlement sitting on your couch in yesterday’s (insideout) sriracha stained tee (no…? Just us?) maybe it’s time we up our #isogame. In light of new lifting of restrictions, what better time to connect with ultra fresh local talent that will see you looking and feeling tip-bloody-top! We have compiled a list of hyper-local, recycled, eco-friendly, all-Aussie brands and delved into just why being Aussie based is so important to them.

These ‘wow factor’ wares are sure to boost your mood, decorate your home and lift your LEWK.

Silk Wolfe

Silk Wolfe  
Silk Wolfe is a Sydney brand born from a passion to create fresh (and more than a little bit flirty) eco-conscious pieces. Having just launched her second collection this month, fashion maven, designer and director Charis Uppal says the focus for collection 2 was definitely sustainability – assuring her Silk Wolfe customers can be proud that their modern fashion choices are also environmentally responsible pieces. “For this new collection I found a lot of my inspiration from the structure of flowers, how their petals can be so delicate and beautiful with a mix of bright colours. The tie dye design, fabric choice and styles all reflect this. I also really honed in on the flower inspiration by having my swing tags made from seeded paper.” Even though it is more expensive to have pieces made in Australia, Charis says  “I love being able to visit my factory to explain changes and details in person so we can improve every style. It’s also great to support another Australian small business!” This is something crucial to Charis’ decision making, with her printers and print designer also being based in Sydney. “The tie dye print was designed by Rose Bornay – a graphic designer I follow on instagram. I want to support small local businesses whenever I can, now more than ever!” Check out the brand-spanking-new collection here.


Claycups have declared all-out war. A war, on waste. Sydney barista Steve Dyer loved selling coffee, but hated seeing all the plastic-lined coffee cups going into landfill each year. Driven to make real change he thought it counterintuitive to solve the problem with more plastic – reusable or otherwise. “I couldn’t allow plastic to be any part of the solution,” he says. Instead, he turned to a material that has withstood the test of time. Teaming up with Sydney potter Katherine Mahoney to create Claycups the stylish range of coffee cups for the home or for baristas to use in cafes. “The appeal of a simple, natural material is huge. To take a piece of the Earth and make it into a functional item is extremely satisfying. After all, man has been using clay since around 14,000 BC.” says Katherine. “It was important for us to keep that green message. Why would you even think of drinking from paper, glass or plastic when you can drink from clay? The feel is so much nicer.” May we just say, the collection is pure ceramic chic.

Lela Lingerie

Lela Lingerie
 Lela Lingerie was launched by Felicity Leraci from a desire to create a bralette that was practical and stylish. An MVP comfy undergarment we will never want to take off that also looks cute as heck? Where do we sign?! As the majority of bras available are made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester, Felicity took it upon herself to create a natural alternative to up the comfort and health factor. “Wearing organic cotton underwear is important as it is a breathable fibre that is cooling and moisture wicking. Synthetic materials like nylon, polyester and spandex are known to trap heat and moisture.” Says Felicity. “Lela Lingerie is made from a truly sustainable natural material: GOTS certified organic cotton. Being certified by GOTS means we know that no pesticides, insecticides or toxic chemicals have been used to grow the cotton. This is crucial to the health of the farmers and the surrounding environment.” No ‘yucky bits’ for your, well, delicate bits… Makes sense to us! All garments are designed by Felicity and manufactured locally in Sydney. “This gives us the ability to visit the factory at any time. Ethical treatment of staff is also of utmost importance to the brand”. Thoughtful fashion that is crazy ‘dorbez too. Find them here

Marlo By Marlo

Marlo by Marlo
MBM started on the floor of owner Marlo Grover’s Sydney apartment in 2018. She enjoyed designing and creating her own clothes then sharing her unique creations on her Instagram. Her followers were instantly smitten with her creations and inquiries for her pieces came in thick and fast. Marlo would then make each by hand and the rest is history! Due to the bespoke nature of the humble beginnings of MBM, Marlo wanted quality over quantity for the progression of the company “It made sense to partner with an Australian manufacturer that I could build a working relationship with. I had direct access to them in terms of seeing where and how they work (knowing that I wasn’t contributing to the mistreatment of retail workers) and I knew that I would be directly supporting another Australian business.” says Marlo. All of her fabrics and accessories are sourced through Aussie rag traders and wholesalers. Marlo is passionate about eco friendly and sustainable choices. “MBM is Australian made and built business made-to-order. By only producing what my customers need I am saving waste and my impact on the planet.”

Holly Ryan (photo by Lucy Landini)

Holly Ryan
Holly Ryan is a Sydney based handcrafted jewellery brand which focuses on responsible design. These stunning Surry Hills made accessories are inspired by art and the raw beauty of the Australian ocean and landscape. Holly has always been passionate about sustainability, sourcing recycled metals and ethical stones for her designs. By handcrafting her jewellery, Holly is able to minimise waste in the production process and right throughout the supply chain. “I see waste as a design flaw.” States Holly. By making in Australia – using Australian materials like stunning opals from Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy – Holly is also able to support local jobs and help keep the onshore fashion industry alive. “Now, more than ever, we need to support the local fashion industry and keep creativity alive on our shores.” 

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