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Fitness First The Zone 3You’ve spent ample time on the treadmill. Done your share of weights.

You’ve completed runs ending in ‘on’, entered the MMA cage and participated in Tough Mudder (a 20km obstacle course designed by British Special Forces). And there was that gruelling long weekend you partook in an extended family road trip.

But now that it’s soon spring 2013, you’re going to need a new definition of workout. Something with a big-city pedigree and enough calorie-burning to keep Michelle Bridges interested.

We’ve found just the thing.

Enter The Zone, Fitness First’s club focusing exclusively on high intensity, dynamic training in small group classes, now open in the Sydney CBD.

Forget your typical setup, this one’s got six zones, suitable for all fitness levels offering the promise to never have to train on your own again. To get through the sweat, burn, and muscle pain, you’ll need teammates to pick you up when your spirits dip.

And since you’re a bit of an efficiency freak, you choose which one of the 95 classes (15, 30 and 45 minute) signature workouts on offer each day.

Here’s our break down of each boredom busting zone.

Zone 1: Not your average spin class. Instructor led virtual cycle classes where you spin through the Italian Alps or maybe the Grand Canyon.

Zone 2: Here you’ll target the muscles you never knew you had. Circuit through a mix of pin loaded machines for a total body workout.

Zone 3: Step into a dynamic training playground for adults (consider: your competitors). Sculpt your muscles with kettlebells, row to get your heart racing, watch the sweat drip and the faces smile.

Zone 4: Using a triple threat combo of suspension training, rotational training and mastery of your own body weight this is where you find new meaning to ‘hanging out’.

Zone 5: a.k.a High Intensity Interval Training. Push, drag, box, press and jump your way through short burst intervals that test your inner warrior limits.

Zone 6: Not just for the boys (but you’ll find lots of them here). Fitness First’s answer to Cross Training.

Destroy huge calories quicker and achieve more by working out together.

The Zone, Fitness First
94 King Street, Sydney 2000
T: 02 9225 3900

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