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We hear you. Winter is for hibernation, not workouts, but we think this is reason enough to change your thinking and make your way to the gym. It’s Fitness Week this week at Fitness First. Surely you’re thinking every week is fitness week at Fitness First? Well yes, but this week is special. This week is FREE. Yes f-r-e-e, free!

Why? Because Fitness First thinks the only thing holding you back from the perfect body and healthier and happier lifestyle is your fear of giving it a go. And they reckon once you try it, you won’t look back. FOMO is a thing in the fitness world too you know.

We did a taste test of the classes last week and we’re happy to say that after the burning sensation subsided (no pain, no gain after all!) we felt more energetic, motivated and was feeling pretty darn good about ourselves. Of course, you’ll probably curse us during your workout session, but we’ll accept your apologies the following week when you start seeing the results.


During Fitness Week, from May 11-17 (that’s this week!), all Fitness First clubs (there’s heaps of them so you’re sure to find one that’s convenient for you) are opening their doors for free for the entire week. Go as often as you like. Try all the classes, find the ones that work for you, take advantage of this freebie.

If you need a class environment to keep you motivated then you’ve come to the right gym. It’s not all Body Pump, Cycling and Pilates. These classes will keep you entertained and coming back for more. The Freestyle Group Training (FGT) works within your body’s natural movement patterns to push yourself further and build strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. It’s actually three times more effective than training on fixed machines. Three times! And it’s so much more fun.

Then there’s The Playground where you can train like a gymnast. Inspired by outdoor beach gyms, The Playground uses gymnastic structures such as rings, climbing ropes and high and low bars to work on your strength, mobility and control. It’s an intense workout, but a really good one.

There’s plenty more but we’ll leave it in your hands to discover. For free. This week only. Off you go. 

Fitness First Fitness Week
May 11-17, 2015
At any Fitness First you choose
Download your free 7 day pass at:

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