All F45 Asks for is 45 Minutes

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There is always a new way to workout in this crazy health focused world we live in. And we couldn’t be more grateful. This week we’re a little addicted to F45 Functional Training. No idea what we’re talking about? F45 is a combination of functional training, group fitness, and personal training all rolled into a fun 45-minute high intensity workout.

In these boutique-training gyms, owned by franchise owners across the country, F45 takes groups of people through circuits, with each exercise targeting a particular area of the body. There are two main sessions that run at F45, Romans, which is a resistance-based circuit, focusing on weight and resistance training, and Athletica, which focuses more on cardio exercises.

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In a Romans class you might find yourself doing walking lunges holding 10kg above your head, pushups with added resistance bands for weight, and kettle bell squats. In Athletica you might find yourself working with battle ropes, jump squats, and a whole lot of other exercises that raise your heart rate.

For those new to this kind of workout, there are videos in front of each station showing the exercise, there is a range of weights for each strength level, and there are a number of trainers on hand walking around to each station helping you whenever you need. And for a group fitness session, there is a higher level on comradery than usual. Don’t be surprised if strangers high five you at the end on a job well done.

You will be sore in the morning, but in the best kind of way.

To find a location near you, head to the official website.

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