The DA 2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Whether he’s the person you call for handyman jobs, wine buying tips, tech troubleshooting or even just general life advice, dads come in all shapes and forms. Father’s Day 2021 is just around the corner – it might look a little different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil dad, especially from afar. Here’s our top picks for pressies to send your dad’s way:

An entire library with Scribd

Is your dad a bit of a page-turner? Scribd has finally arrived in Australia! The digital subscription service puts not just books at your dad’s digital fingertips, but also podcasts, audio books, magazines, music, and even sheet music (perfect for muso dads) has arrived in Australia with a local price of $13.99AUD a month. There’s plenty of content to dive into, with lots of works from big name publishers like Allen & Unwin and HarperCollins Publishers Australia. There’s even a 30 day free trial, if your dad wants to give it a whirl first.

Cocktails to keep dad company

You may not be able to raise a glass in person this year, but you can send your dad an entire bar instead. Ok not quite, but the team at Box Bar are sending out custom cocktail kits to help spirit lovers keep their spirits high. The Box Bar team pivoted fast when they had to shut the doors to their real bar, The Fox Hole, during Sydney’s lockdown. They now offer a range of gin and whisky boxes via monthly subscription or one off ‘experiences’ which include a box plus a 60-minute live tasting experience via Zoom. For something extra special, snap up one of the limited edition Scapegrace Black boxes for dad –  three serves of the world’s first natural black gin, paired with three mixers and three different garnishes. We gave the box a whirl and we’ve got to say it certainly beat our normal slap style G&Ts we’ve made for dad in the past.

A real zoom, not a fake one

Dad might not want more Zoom in his life, but who doesn’t want to actually zoom? We’re talking zooming through the park and around the streets (in a 5km radius of course) on a Zoomo Bike. This is no pushbike. The Zoomo Sport is a beast that kicks up 5 levels of power and when you’re on five, at least according to one Daily Addict dad who put it to the test, ‘it’s like being on a motorbike’ (albeit restricted to 25km per hour as per gov guidelines. Now an e-bike outright might be a pretty hefty gift ($2,999 to be precise), but we got you, because Zoomo is actually a subscription service. For $39/week subscription, you get access to a rented Zoomo bike – matte black, sleek (might we even say chic) models that have GPS tracking, remote locking and a battery that will last about 5 hours (about 80km distance).

A citrus kick start with Bulldog.

There’s a lot to be said for routine in times like these, so help dad get his day started right with Bulldog Skincare for Men’s new range of shower gels. Yes, that’s right, blokey shower gel never smelt so good. Gone are the overpowering woody aromas that would knock your socks off, and in comes Bulldog’s new subtle Original and Lemon & Bergamot blends – 100% natural fragrance. We’ve tried and tested these babies, and let’s just say dad may not get the Lemon & Bergamot. The orange, lemon and lime notes are the European summer we’ve been dreaming of. And on the plus side, the range is sulfate free, stored in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and from 100% natural fragrance. $14 for 500ml

A tour to remember

Who wouldn’t want the dulcet tones of Matthew McConaughey walking you through the fine points of a whiskey tasting? Ok ok maybe dad might get something different out of it than we do, but Wild Turkey have paired up with our favourite actor/narrator/human to run a virtual tasting that’s pretty unique. And not just because of the celebrity narrator. The tasty takes place through Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Simply ask and you shall receive – “Hey Google, talk to Wild Turkey Tasting” or “Alexa, enable Wild Turkey Tasting” to be precise. Grab your dad a bottle of Wild Turkey to get him settled in to learn about all things whiskey, the distillers and Kentucky, where the brand began.

A way to keep in touch

Dad itching to get off grid? Get him set up with a GME UHF Handheld Radio so he can stay safe, and in touch. The TX667 two-way radio will give you juice for 17 hours battery life (USB charging!) and is perfect for spots mobile reception doesn’t reach. And um, if you’d like to go full walkie talkie mode, it is available in a twin pack! $89.95 / $144.95 for two

BBQ meat made easy

Dad got into smoking meat in his lockdown life? The Char-Griller Meat Shredder Claws make quick work of slow cooked meats and, well, they look pretty cool while they do it. We’ve road tested the claws and yes they did make us feel a little bit like Wolverine and they get the job done fast. Perfect for briskets, but also pretty fun tackling a good old roast. $9.95, available at Bunnings

Glassware to take drinks up a notch 

If Dad loves an afternoon tipple, help him do it in style with this fun mix pack of glassware from Luigi Bormioli. Yes, mix pack, fun and glassware can go hand in hand! With the Luigi Bormioli Gin Glass Collection you get four different balloon-style glasses. Whether he’s a gin fizz or a classic G&T kind of guy, he’ll be sipping in style whatever mood he’s in. The glasses range from a 650ml capacity to a whopping 800ml. $99.95, available at David Jones

Whatever type of dad you have, whichever gift you get, don’t forget to check in on Sunday 5th September!

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