At Home Winter Workout with Lauren Hannaford


In the world of fitness, it seems everyone has a different resume these days, and that has never been so true than with Lauren Hannaford. She’s been a Level 10 All-round Artistic State Champion Gymnast, a Multiple National Vault Champion, and a State Level Triple Jumper. She’s also toured with The Wiggles (and is dating one of them!) as a dancer and gymnast (childhood dream, right?), not to mention is now a qualified National Gymnastics Coach and Personal Trainer.


It’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about fitness, right? Well, she too, like us, also knows that getting to the gym can be difficult these days, so she’s created a unique fitness routine designed to be done anywhere at anytime. As winter sets in and we’re finding it harder and harder to get out of the house, we asked Lauren to share some of her exercises with us to keep us active while we stay indoors.

Here’s your new winter workout. BYO couch.

Exercise Move #1: Step-ups


What: Step-ups using the edge of your lounge, chair or even your coffee table (if it’s strong enough!).

How many: Try to do 3 sets of 15 steps on each leg. 

Exercise Move #2: Calf Raises


What: Calf raises using the wall or kitchen bench to help keep your balance.

Need to know: Keep every raise up and down movement slow and controlled. 

How many: Try to do 3 sets of 20 on each leg. 

Exercise Move #3: Wall Sit 


What: Wall sit using any part of your house. 

Need to know: Make sure your lower back and shoulder blades are up against the wall and your knees are at a right angle.

How many: Try to do 3 sets of 45 seconds.

Exercise Move #4: Lunge Squats


What: Lunge squats with your back leg raised on the couch, chair or coffee table. 

Need to know: Make sure your front knee doesn’t go over your toes and you keep you chest up straight.

How many: Try to do 3 sets of 15 on each leg. 

Exercise Move #5: Pelvic Lift


What: Pelvic lift with your your foot resting on your lounge, coffee table or edge of a bed. 

Need to know: Support yourself and your form by having your palms faced down on the floor. Engage your core as you lift your pelvis as well as squeezing your glutes as your press your foot into the lounge. 

How many: Try to do 3 sets of 10 each leg. 

Exercise Move #6: Squat Pulses


What: Squat pulses anywhere in your home or office, you don’t need any furniture for this one.

Need to know: Make sure you are sitting back in your squat with your weight on your heels and now pulse up and down. 

How many: Try to do 3 sets of 45 seconds. 

How Long & How Often?

Do all 5 exercises one after the other and have a 30 second break after each set.

If you want to up the cardio then do 45 second running on the spot between each exercise or each set.



Happy winter workout!

Get more fit-spiration from Lauren on Instagram @LozHannaford 

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