Honk! TruckStop

The mobile movement has been sweeping Sydney, but it’s not about whether you have an iPhone 5 or are going to be the first with your Windows8 tablet; Sydney has fallen in love with its Food Trucks – or at least the few that have ‘rolled’ out.

Whilst being a movable feast has its advantages the EAT ART TRUCK boys have decided even roadies sometimes need a place to roost.

It’s ‘Dude Food’ meets ‘Karate Kid’ as chef Stuart McGill (ex Tetsuyas) stretches his culinary wings with his first restaurant a few chopstick throws from the beach.

Ever wondered what to do with an oversized chicken coup? They really do look much prettier as lights than prisons for poultry and why not put a cruise liner sized glitter ball in the middle of it all?  Forget Wallpaper mags, the insanely talented AZBcreative has delivered dazzle design genius. Street artists will be queuing to showcase their talents in the first registered graffiti laneway, it’s your first clue this ain’t no ordinary place to break corn bread.

Bring any annoying indecisive mates, they’ll love it. Why choose when you can have it all? Gaijin sushi offers soft and crispy rice options topped with a creamy mix of salmon and tobiko, kingfish is pepped up with teriyaki whilst the snapper has a party with ume and shiso. Bored with fried chicken? Have a threesome of Southern, karage and crispy skin and salivate over sansho glazed hot smoked pork belly. Still not full yet– let’s share pork floss, and throw on a grilled prawn with coddled egg for fun.

Sometimes it takes effort to chase after greatness, (especially if it has four wheels). Pull over soon at the Truckstop.

Truckstop Bondi
Beach Road Hotel Bondi, Level 1, 71 Beach Road, Bondi Beach
Wed to Fri 6-10pm, Sat  12-3pm and 6-10pm, Sun 3.30pm-10pm
T: 0439 841 008

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