Taco Tuesday’s at Bondi’s Rocker is cracking value, Gauc, Margs, Nori chips Oh! & great tacos!

The taco craze has gripped Australia and it’s not slowing down any time soon. So we love a menu which is a homage to the tortilla, a humble corn base which pleases every palate and spins up flavours in a million ways.

If you haven’t heard of Rocker, let’s remind you. It’s headed up by Darren Robertson (ex head chef at Tetsuya’s and co-owner at Three Blue Ducks) and chef Stuart Toon (ex-Jamie Oliver recruit). The location is quietly laid back Bondi, set on Campbells Parade away from Bondi’s busy sunset boulevard.

The fitout is totally hipster thanks to local artist,Jakey Pedro  who created a mural of three amigos in the main bar, whilst the more sophisticated dining section at the back features smaller artworks. With a potted tree in the centre, it all feels rooted in a soulful way.

Just a few nights ago we reviewed a spot with $12 tacos and given the lighting inside we couldn’t tell a brussel sprout taco from beef! At Rocker, Taco Tuesdays is a rollicking good evening – one of value, flavour and good times. So what do you get for $45?

Classic Marg – can’t get better

Margs n’ Tacos go together like salt and pepper. We kick off with our drinks options from a classic marg, passionfruit marg or Estrella Damm. I opt for Estrella, Gemma my dining pal, goes full on marg. It’s a classic with Casamigos Tequila, Rocker triple sec and she’s very happy! Now when most cocktails anywhere are $20 it’s insane value that we have this menu still to come.

Next up is a small bowl (not a ramekin) a BOWL of freshly scooped, chunky, flavoursome gaucamole topped with pickled red onion (none of that slushy pre packaged stuff). We have additional dips of salsa and sour cream and a generous portion of tortilla chips. We are off to a great start.

Gauc n’ chips

Next to arrive are the spiced fries with dried chilli salt and a gentle chipotle mayo. Let’s be clear, these fries are like crack. Gemma and I go back n’ forth on what is in the seasoning… kombu? porcini mushroom? and we finally get our answer. It’s nori, with their own special Rockr secret chicken salt made in house. My recommendation is that they bottle it and sell it. You could put this seasoning on an overcooked rump steak that looks like Donald Trump and make it taste like heaven.

We are totally ready for Taco’s baby! Each person can choose four from the menu, if you want to go ‘off piste’ and into a la-carte land there is an additional pork belly option.

Platters are laid in front of us. First to go is the ‘Fish Taco’ which uses flathead which is an impressively premium option, but also the most delicious flesh to ever be encapsulated by batter. Another sign that sourcing, flavour and experience is not compromised. It’s a generous portion, actually overlapping it’s tortilla partner and is spruced up with a shaved cabbage, dots of charred pineapple salsa and chipotle mayo. It is (almost) my fav of the night. That honour goes to the roast chicken. Bite size chunks are lusciously glossy from the roasting juices, combined with sour cream, yellow chilli, coriander and acidity from pickled onion. It’s dripping down my hands and I don’t care. Gemma is singularly fixed on her view that the beef is hands down the winner. She has a point. It’s been slow cooked to a juicyness that beef cheeks should be, but often aren’t, topped with coriander, onion and a pinapple salsa which cuts through the richness. There is eye rolling, but it is in a good way. Spiced cauliflower is a great runner up thanks to its creamy buddy of almonds, pickles and salsa matcha. The pork belly taco was great in flavour but the piece of meat we had was dry and inflexible, so missed the mark on an otherwise stella line up.

Service is warm and friendly, the vibe is laid back and the food is produce led and adventurous. With specials nights from bottomless brunch, Sunday Roasts to All You Can Eat Mussels there is a whole lot of lovin’ yet to discover. #HighTidesGoodVibes !

Rocker Bondi , 5/39-53 Campbell Parade,North Bondi

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