Mexico’s original soft drink Jarritos, launches at Bondi’s Carbòn. Muy Bueno!

Carbòn Bondi

DA were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Jarritos at Carbòn and may we just say, being back at live events with actual hoomans, a mariachi musician, Mexican food, delicious cocktails and tequila shots? ‘Blessings on blessings etc’.

Upon arrival, we were instantly engrossed in the deliciously decorated venue. With red and pink fresh flowers the beautiful centrepiece and creative Jarrito bottles with paint and dripping candles (and our cute name tags attached with string) we were enchanted. The team were incredibly friendly as were the other guests with beaming smiles-for-miles. Clearly we were all high on the general buzz of us all being out and about after the last few months of madness and misery for hospo teams and patrons alike. The general ambience was positively palpable. This event is just what’s needed to take the sting out of our unfulfilled wanderlust, allowing us to enjoy a tasty touch of Tulum – right here in Bondi.

Located on Bondi Road, Carbòn is an authentic Mexican venue that prides itself on traditional Mexican. With a  flair for the flavour- filled authentic cuisine, they are the perfect fusion of Bondi’s beachside charm with Mexican Hacienda vibes. 

Carbòn’s neon lights

Unfortunately during the pandemic the doors to venues were closed. So the team decided to use the downtime to undergo a complete overhaul and refresh of their venue – updating the dark moody reds and dark wooden interior to a clean and edgy white walled fit out – complete with natural finishes and light wooden accents, but still retaining their bright moody neon lights and eclectic aesthetic.  

Carbòn’s tacos aren’t just any typical tacos. They are lovingly all prepared via their wood-fire (with ‘carbon’ being the key element of coal). The woodfire is used for cooking tortillas, heating underground ovens, making fire to boil soups and sauces and then the wood is re-used to light the next fire. Sustainability is at the forefront of 2020 dining trends, and Carbòn’s wood-fired approach is right up there – relying on ages-old, traditional South American ‘parrilla’ techniques, a form of cooking that has a sustainable and symbolic cycle in Mexican cuisine. 

Taco Time!

We were lucky enough to try and share their flavoursome tacos and try Carbòn’s menu highlights and inventive dishes (made with fresh produce). Including their woodfire roasted chicken with white mole, their whole market fish zarandeado with a la talla sauce and green apple. These complimented perfectly by the colourful side dishes of corn esquites (with chorizo, fresco cheese and chipotle mayo) and our personal stand out star dish – their salty brussel sprouts with pancetta. (This writer won’t say she went back for thirds but she wont say she didn’t either…)

Whole market fish zarandeado

Pablo Galindo Vargas (Carbòn’s owner), is thrilled to share the taste of his childhood in Mexico with his patrons with the introduction of Jarritos, which is the national soft drink of Mexico since the 1950s. Paired with the venues quality premium mezcal and tequila, their moorish and refreshing cocktails were devilishly delicious. Our favourite was the ‘Jurritos Paloma’ made with Tequila, Lime, Grapefruit Jarritos, Salt and a fresh slice of pink grapefruit.

Jarritos flavours – now available in Australia – are Lime, Mango, Guava, Watermelon, Mandarin, Tamarind, Pineapple, Grapefruit and Mexican Cola. Jarritos uses cane sugar and its flavours are distilled from real fruit trees grown on Mexican farmland in distinctive glass bottles. Jarritos was the first-ever soft drink in Mexico – Jarritos means ‘little jugs’, named after the long-standing cultural tradition (dating back to the 1920s) of aguas frescas – flavouring water with fruit and serving it in clay jugs to keep it cool. 

The Jarrito Paloma cocktails

To celebrate the launch of Jarritos in Australia and Carbòn are offering a fresh take on “Taco Tuesdays” – every Tuesday from July 21 – August 25 (inclusive), Carbòn has teamed up with authentic Mexican sodas Jarritos for $5, ALL tacos, $12 Jarritos Palomas, $12 Margaritas, and $5 Mexican Tecate beers. (Plus every order of 5 Tacos or more will get a free Jarritos!)

Find out more here for Jarritos 
Carbòn 288 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach NSW 2026. 
Hours:  Tue to Fri: 5pm – 11pm, Saturday: 12pm – 11pm, Sunday: 12pm – 10pm

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