In full bloom. Sydney’s new must visit venue – The Mayflower

If we had to describe the new Darlinghurst venue, The Mayflower, in just a single word perhaps it would be sensory, scrumptious, or even spellbinding… clearly a single word will not suffice.

Once an art deco florist, this divine new eatery has already captured the hearts and taste buds of Sydneysiders. Just in the nick of time too, opening moments after the COVID restrictions eased up and venues happily flung their doors open to trade. 

On a clear blue skied winters day we wandered up leisurely to The Mayflower excited to check out the new kid on the block. At first glimpse our eyes are drawn immediately to their floral neon sign and beautiful racing car green tiled walls. We step into the entrance way and delight at the dried nude, lavender and wine toned flowers artfully draped from the roof or swirling wildly around interior columns. The smell of coffee envelopes us as the friendly staff show us downstairs past bright abstract painted walls (a floral inspired mural by Andrew Denis) and another honey coloured neon flower. 

More vivid and whimsically draped flowers greet us as well as a huge fresh centerpiece arrangement – paying homage to the florist that the building housed previously. We are told later that the bespoke blooms floral installations were the work of Parisian-trained florist Amy Thai of Don De L’Amour who has created installations and arrangements for countless fashion houses and runway shows in Paris! 

The real showstopper downstairs for us was the almost translucent starcilia onyx marble tabletops. With peachy rose tones and thick bright orange veins running through the blush colours like an exquisite river. This writer now has about 8,204 photos on her phone of the tables now if you want to see them? #Luxuriant. 

The fantasy-filled interiors (designed by mastermind Keeley Baird from Something More Design) transport us to an otherworldly ambience… and any current woes somehow melt away. What 2020? 


Charismatic Co-owners Kevin Ly (previously a Mechanical Engineer) and Christian Lee join us for a quick chat as we marvel at the interiors and Kevin walks us through the luxe menu. 

Beluga caviar and truffles and fromage – oh my!

We make our selections and enjoy sipping on our delicious coffees, still a little awestruck at the instagrammable venue. We are quickly snapped back into reality however as Kevin brings us a beautiful dish of florals circling shiny caviar. Instructed to place the caviar on the back of our palms (body temperature is the perfect way to enjoy it we learn) we eagerly will our circulation to warm our winter hands. When we no longer feel the cool caviar on our hands we hungrily sample the buttery morsels. Verdict? Superb. 

Ocean Trout Gravlax

Next we try the colourful ocean trout gravlax and beetroot donned toasted sonoma sourdough (Kevin’s favorite) and the truffle adorned croque monsieur with a side of polenta fries. The finger-licking umami, savoury, piquant and cheesy flavours marrying in total symbiosis.  The dynamic and unexpected potato bun fresh lobster roll, with apple and crisps came next – yet more finger-licking luxury!  * resist the urge to unbutton jeans * 

Just when we thought we couldn’t take one more bite, Christian deftly places two delicate sweet treats in front of us and we are smitten.  The meringue is made to replicate their floral logo and the chocolate tart with lashings of mouse and fresh berries beckon us to happily over-indulge ourselves. No dinner for us this evening… but we honestly couldn’t be happier. 

Chocolate Tart & Meringue

The team informs us they will also be soon open for dinner (they hope they will be trading and licensed by Spring). 

So whether it’s simply a coffee, a treat-thyself cheesy truffle croque monsieur or a picturesque sweet dessert to enjoy for afternoon tea, The Mayflower is the venue de jour. Be sure to come on a relatively empty stomach with a fully charged phone battery, as you will NEED some happy snaps at this stunning Syderz hot spot. 

The Mayflower
2/303A Liverpool St, Darlinghurst and will be open for dining in and takeaway 7am – 3:30pm, 7 days a week.
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A Sydney-sider born and bred and a self confessed coffee addict, Gin has a taste for bold red wines and fresh Japanese. A drive to experience all manner of cuisines this planet has to offer she is currently planning her next trip to (fingers crossed) Morocco. She prefers her puns intended and her Beyonce loud.


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