A gym for your skin? Fayshell Bondi opens its membership doors as a new way to ‘do’ beauty

We all have our passions. For some its art, food, fitness, sport or if you are like a number of our Daily Addict crew, it’s all things beauty. Two besties Katelin Gregg and Ella James started Cosmetchix a few years ago – a podcast for Millenials to learn the real truth about surgical and non-surgical treatments so they can make educated decisions about their own bodies. They rocked the airwaves as audiences fell in love with this skincare loving duo.

Through interviews with experts and listening to their fans, it was clear that so many of their listeners wanted to access treatments but they were too expensive, time intensive and not personalised. There was a gap, so why not go for it? They did and Fayshell has just launched.

Many of us think nothing of paying a monthly membership for the gym and we would expect an induction from an instructor and a fitness plan, so why have we been conditioned to walk into a beauty clinic in the hope of knowing what menu items to choose or are right for us? Mmmmmm.

step through to the beauty chamber

The more we read about Fayshell, the more it made so much sense. The promise is an easy one. No menus, just a monthly membership with a first time consultation.

Now, when it comes to beauty, I always defer to our beauty editor Michelle, she is like and all knowing Yoda around ingredients and treatments. However, Fayshell is aimed at those who are learning about beauty, so I put my hand up to be a guinea pig. I am Luke Skywalker.

My pre questionnaire arrives via email a few days before my treatment which I diligently fill out. I arrive in Bondi (park at Westfield to avoid the exxy parking metres) to something a little different. Well, this is a bit groovy. There are no white walls or clinical uniforms in sight. In fact, it’s all peachy and wild orange tones. Am greeted warmly and the team are in lavender dresses and shorts, some are dressed in wild Hawaiian linen combos!

The space is all soft curves, 80’s chic and fun times. I am shown through to a comfy sofa to start sniffing between aromatic oils with a sassy card that says “Which oils speak to you, sis?” I opt for Grounding.

Oooh that delicious chair…

Maddy my therapist invites me to the beauty chamber. This is a bed that looks super comfy, there is even a bolster cushion to put under my knees. I sit on a chair as we discuss ‘me’. I confess that I don’t really have a beauty regime. My mum used blue Nivea and I have adopted a similar approach, with a few detours to things like Dr Lewellins Midnight Oil, though I do admit to a Creme de La Mer indulgence following one of my UK friends very emphatic recommendations. But otherwise, I wouldn’t know my peel from my Fraxel. As we go through my ambitions and concerns for my skin we focus on anti ageing and pigmentation. Maddy answers my questions about laser for my broken veins and shares that before I take that step we need to get my skin ‘match fit’, which is like a newbie wanting to run a marathon without doing the long training.

I am in her hands as I lay back and let her take over. Today is all about re-energising my skin, we go from cleanse, to moisturising and then onto intensive nutrient rich ‘pearls’ that are kept in the fridge and make me burst with laughter as they are so cold as they are painted on.

An hour later, its all over (noooo). I actually am glowing in a nice way (as opposed to a burn victim). The team then follows with an email which includes: ‘Message from Therapist, In your facial, We focused on.. and Post-Treatment Instructions’ . All really handy as it’s often hard to remember everything said when you are rebounding from a trance like Jedi state.

I return two days later for my LED treatment, which is effectively sitting in an armchair with dark glasses in front of a triffid-like structure which could have appeared in War of the Worlds. Ten mins and am done!

Like a gym, Fayshell has membership options; either a basic, advanced, or ultimate facial experience. You can drop in, but memberships unlock cost savings and value such as reduced pricing on treatments, perks and the best bit… unlimited access to their LED Lounge.

Fayshell is a genuinely new approach to looking after you skin, with a therapist who creates the right treatments each month or week for your skin goals. So we might have to re think our relationship with our PT’s and add on a BT (Beauty Trainer). Work out gear optional.

Fayshell, 15 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction, Bondi
Memberships from $169 per month, First Time Fayshell $179

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