Reshape, reform, re-smooth even deep wrinkles

It’s often said that good things come in threes: Fairytale wishes, the flavours in a tub of Neapolitan ice cream, and the classic BLT.

Unfortunately the same holds true for less desirable things, like sagging skin, loss of resilience and dreaded wrinkles.

And since the chances of being granted three fairytale wishes aren’t 100% certain, Shiseido has developed a super-restorative face cream that reduces the main ageing effects with a triple-threat combo of its own.

The superior texture of Bio Performance Advanced Super Restoring Cream leads to anti-ageing effects – the type that you just might be noticed for looking 10 years younger for (in as little as a week).

Bio Performance doesn’t rely just on pretty packaging or empty promises, rather, for the first time targeting your skin with a trio of newfangled ingredients that go by the name of Inositol, Super Bio-Yeast and Rose Apple Leaf Extract. 

Or you can think of it like cosmetic Pilates — training the core to maintain youthful form and function. With repeated use your skin gets firmer and more supple, eventually learning to effectuate the desired results all on its own.

Reduce sagging, loss of resilience and deep wrinkles. Three cheers for Shiseido!

Shiseido’s newly reformulated cream has just been launched and to celebrate, offering 10,000 samples to giveaway plus a 45-minute complimentary facial treatment. Call your nearest Shiseido counter for a booking.

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