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Braids have been ‘on trend’ for goodness knows how long. So you can imagine our shock when we heard whispers from hairstylists backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia that braids were on their way out. Not possible.  

Braids will always have their place in our repertoires. Our hair would be boring if it was all blow-dries and topknots. We refuse to let go. But… a little change never hurt anyone so we’re willing to compromise.

Enter this hairstyle: the figure eight braid, as seen at We Are Kindred’s show.

It’s pretty like a traditional braid, but cool and modern at the same time. Plus, anyone who doesn’t actually know how to braid their hair (guilty!) can totally nail the figure eight technique.

Get ready to get hooked on this look.


Hair how-to: Figure eight braid

Step 1. Divide your hair in half.

Step 2. Grab a 2cm thick section from the outside of the right side.

Step 3. Weave the small section of hair over the right section and into the middle of the two half sections.

Step 4. Then take it underneath the left section and up and around the left section and back into the middle.

Step 5. Repeat step 4 on the right side, taking the same piece of hair under, over and into the centre.

Step 6. Keep going until you’ve created enough of the figure eight braid that you want for your look. Secure with a braid band.

Main image: juliagronowski/BEAUTYDIRECTORY
Close-up: Getty

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