Put some spring in your step with these latest beauty essentials.

Some beauty treats to get into the swing of spring

As the weather warms it’s time to untangle yourself from those winter blues, come out from hibernation and get prepared for the long days –  outside with friends and family. So put away the sticky-date pudding and mulled wine and here are some wonderful new products that are a must to prepare for the season ahead. 

Shine from the inside out with Vida Glow Collagen

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of collagen for hair, skin, nails, bones and even gut permeability, but if you haven’t managed to add it to your daily regime  – there’s the delicious tasting Vida Glow that feels like a treat rather than a supplement. After hearing the founder, Anna Lahey speak at the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Bazaar about Vida Glow and see first hand her radiant skin and hair, I was convinced I needed it. Anna was very open about her hair falling out at a rapidly alarming pace and shared that collagen helped her hair stay strong. 

There are multiple flavour options for the marine collagen and I went for the Mango – because who doesn’t love a mango? According to Vida Glow mangoes are rich in vitamins and minerals and are one of the most nutritious fruits. Consuming mangoes provides your body with a significant boost in vitamin C, as well as vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E, pectin, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium into your life. 

Living la Vida Glow-ca

With all those benefits in mind, I have it mid-morning as a bit of a treat with Almond Milk and it’s delicious. In three week my hair seems darker, less is falling out and my skin does look brighter. This is a lovely addition to my routine. A tub of Vida Glow Collagen is $59.95 and will last about 30 days. It’s not the most cost effective collagen on the market, but it’s beautifully packaged and as a bit of treat vs a health chore. 

The must-have moisturiser – Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

Bio-Oil has been helping soothe dry skin for over 17 years in Australia. The much-loved brand has just released a Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel that creates a protective film to resist moisture loss and restore dry skin to optimal hydration. 

My skin is dry like sandpaper during winter, so when I was given some Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel to try I jumped at the chance. I am already a super-fan of the oil, particularly in the depths of winter to not only deeply moisturise my legs, but also give them a shine that feels like summer. The gel was very much welcomed into my life and proved delightful in every way. The gel absorbs quickly into my skin, particularly my elbows, which seem to always take a battering. While not meant for the face, as it’s a body cream, I did manage to give it to my moisturiser-adverse husband who uses it on his Grand Canyon sized crows feet and we’ve seen a significant improvement there too.

The only body moisturiser you’ll ever need

It feels light, and my skin is nourished. 
For the ridiculously reasonable price the 200ml is $24.95 from pharmacies and Coles  – with a little bit going a long way – it’s a must have for the summer. 

Natural Haircare from Daily Naturals 

My hair has been tortured for nearly 20 years – and over that time I’ve done some very horrible things to it. Died it, numerous keratin treatments, rebonding, blow dry every day and straightened with 220 degrees to get rid of any memory of a curl.

Over recent years I’ve become not only cognisant of looking after my hair, but also the impact my hair care needs are having on animals and the environment. So when I was introduced to Daily Naturals at the Harper’s Beauty Bazaar I was thrilled that not only are they Australian, the packaging is 100% recyclable, the product is also 100% vegan and cruelty free. It’s also sulfite and paraben free. It’s like the saint of hair care. 

The product ingredients do include aloe vera, grape seed extract and Moroccan Argan Oil to boost the health of the hair. I tried the moisture intense shampoo and conditioner as well as the leave in masque.My experience with high plant based hair product to date has not been good. Usually leaving my hair limp and dry (no worse combination). So this has been a solid find – not only are these products good for the environment, but they feel luxurious too.

The leave in masque is a super light weight additional moisturiser that will be perfect during the summer frizz I experience while  and protecting my hair from the beating it gets from chlorine and sea-salt – because summer is made for swimming after all. 

Good for you, the animals and the environment.

Only available at Priceline at the moment and ranging from $15.95 to $24.95 the products are perfect to prep and protect for the biggest hair styling season ahead. 

For your smile – Colgate Optic White Stain-less White 

If you’ve had one or two glasses too many of the cab sav (or one or two bottles – maybe?), plus several cups of coffee you may have noticed a slight change in colour of the enamel of your teeth. Those little suckers have pores in them and they get discoloured.

I’ve had my teeth whitened before and I am due to have it done again, but in the interim I’m using Colgate’s Optic White. The new Stain-less White is useful in removing the six months of winter red wine residue. With 2x the amount of hydrogen peroxide than what a dentist would use, the use twice daily toothpaste does make a marked improvement on my teeth. 

Everything is going to be all white

No toothpaste is going to give the immediate impact of having your teeth whitened, but there is a gradual improvement and a very worthwhile investment until you make your whitening appointment! 
Available pharmacies, Coles and Woolworths $9.99.

A kiss on the lips may be quite continental from Bobbi Brown 

Lipstick turns an ordinary day into a spectacular day and with Bobbi Browns Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick your day is going to be far from standard. The newest addition to the Luxe Lip Collection delivers high shine, depth of colour and sculpted plumped up look. 

It sure is Luxe. I tried the Red Stiletto, because the name was so incredibly tantalising, but other bod red colours include Showstopper, Wild Poppy and Bold Honey – and they don’t disappoint on their promise.  

Bobbi Brown has always produced deliciously wonderful make-up and these are no exception. 

With hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and botanicals, the lipstick glides effortlessly across my lips and packs a big colour punch that lasts hours. Doesn’t dull out like so many other similarly priced lipsticks. While I do need to top up my lipstick half way through the day I’m not left with that dry feeling or dullness that I get from others, it’s just a simple top up and I’m back to full intensity, without wishing I could just start again from freshly scrubbed lips. I love it and imagine it will be my go-to lipstick of choice to add some excitement to my day. 

A little bit of luxe-ury goes a long way

Available at cosmetic counters, online and Adore Beauty, with some colours available at Mecca Maxima’s. RRP at $56. 

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