Essential winter pep me ups

Oils ain’t oils, baby

Another month of working from home and to add insult to injury, the misery of winter is upon us. Dry, flaking skin, dry cuticles and red, sniffling noses. It’s hard to feel radiant when you’re wearing sweatpants and a hoodie to save your life.

Still, we forge on, finding the beautiful things that help pep up our mood and add to our repertoire for use in our moments of self-care. Here are the things we’ve fallen in love with to help us through the year’s toughest season.

Limited edition Creme de La Mer 

The story of La Mer originates with Dr. Max Huber who suffered burns in a lab accident. Six-thousand experiments and 12 years later, he developed a fermentation process which created the Miracle Broth, made from the wonders of the ocean. 

The new limited edition packaging, Blue Heart, honours this history and has the incredible classic product within it. 

Now as you all know, Creme De La Mer makes some hefty promises  – firms skin, reduces wrinkles and other reviews suggest it reduces acne scarring. After using the product for one week I’m a believer. 

I spend at least 30 minutes a day scrutinising my skin – and I know I’m not alone. That’s why I love beauty products – they come beautifully wrapped and have hope inside. When they do what they say they are going to do – it’s a celebratory moment. Look, the price of Creme De La Mer is not for the faint of heart, but I can attest it is worth it all the dollars and cents. So if it’s your birthday, or just because you deserve it for working so darn hard, or because you’re fabulous, or maybe you just need rewarding for not being fabulous all the time, treat your skin to a scientifically formulated Miracle. 

Moisturising miracle

Limited edition $665 available from David Jones and

Fluff Face Oils are the stuff 

Being outside in freezing temperatures can leave skin feeling rough, tight and frankly just exposed. Fluff Cleanser, Face Oil #1 and Face Oil #2 is an incredibly effective triple threat to beat up winter in a quick one two round of fisticuffs.  

The Cleanser feels like it can cut through the grease of your 1968 Chevy. My skin is so clean after I use it, yet not dry, it also feels moisturised. The oils have performed a small miracle on my skin. I’ve been using Face Oil #2 liberally each night and also applying it to my husband’s dry, crevice laden skin (think crumpled sandpaper), and we both feel our skin is softer, glowier (not a real word) and are less lined.

I’d go so far to say that my pores are smaller – a true bane of my existence are my pores (okay on a list of all the things that are causing me consternation right now, my pores are at the bottom – but you may know what I mean) and I have to say there is reduction in size. Overall I love these products, they are vegan, not tested on animals and only have good stuff in them. The Fluff Face Oil #1 is 100% certified organic jojoba oil and Face Oil #2 is 100% meadowfoam seed oil -proving the point that there’s beauty in simplicity. 

Fluff is the stuff you’ve been thinking of

Set of three $82 available from

Natura Siberica White Purifying Face Mask

We’ve reviewed Natura Siberica products before but not the white clay. The Natura Siberica range is perfect for cleaning the skin and extruding all the things we don’t want within it in a light, stress-free way. 

Natura Siberica is harvesting the power of adaptogens (plants that help the body adapt to different factors). The base of each product is derived from pine nut oil and altai sea buckthorn. The Siberian pine nut is five times richer in vitamin E than Olive Oil and three times richer in vitamin F, and according to Natura Siberica, reinforces the skin’s natural barriers  – protecting against wind, sun, cold and severe environments. 

The Northern White Purifying Face Mask effectively cleanses the skin  – in just 10 minutes. So it’s easy to do a couple of times a week. Clay has been used to improve the skin, this mask makes the skin texture smooth and helps bring back the glow. 

White clay clean

$22.99 available from

Kristen Ess Scalp Detoxifying Bubble Mask 

Winter plays havoc on your hair too. Drying it out, making it brittle. Is there anything good about winter? Maybe the cleansing Bubble Mask from Kristen Ess. It’s a bubbling scalp mask that instantly removes oil, dead surface skin and debris (sounds lovely). The cool piece is the Bubble Mask does actually bubbles while it’s doing cleansing – which is kind of delightfully awesome.  Use it as a pre-shampoo scalp treatment on dry hair before you shower, then once the bubbles wear off and you stop thinking about that one childhood candy this reminds you of, get in and wash your hair!

Hair is left sensationally clean and it was a fun party getting it that way. 

Bubble up

$24.95 available from

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