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Sometimes you can never buy exactly what you what? Right? You wish those bathers were just a little bit greener, or those heels were just a little bit higher. That is when the beauty of custom-made comes in. From bathers to heels, we’ve found some of our favourite bespoke fashion makers, so you don’t have to search for the perfect fit any more. Happy designing. 



Bather shopping can be a traumatic experience. But shopping online with your measurements and getting to choose your favourite styles and colours is not. Kini Swimwear and Surania both let you choose from a bikini, tankini, or a one piece with a whole range of styles. High waisted bottoms make for a gorgeous 50s look while the polka dot option just continues the theme. You can also choose from a range of pre-designed pieces if all the choice becomes too much, or you’re in the market for a number of outfits.  

Surania dabbles in the men’s department and lingerie. All your under garments needs, just as you want them to be.


Kini Swimwear




Shoes can make an outfit. And it helps when you get to choose exactly what they look like. Shoes of Prey deliver their hand-made shoes worldwide. Flats, sandals, boots, heels, super high heels, whatever you’re after they’ve got it. You can even tailor the height of the heel and the colour of the lace overlay. When it comes to the fabric you can pick from faded soft leather, suede, patent, snakeskin, fish skin, silk, lace, cotton blend, and even vegan. A kitten heel with baby blue lace overlay will make sure you’re standing out. 

If you’re after something of the male persuasion try Roberts & Hassett. Starting at $1200 they make anything from loafers to riding boots using kangaroo leather uppers, wattle or oak tanned leather soles, insoles, stiffeners, heels, and a range of leather linings. They’re big on traditional shoemaking techniques so your pair will last the wear and tear. 

Shoes Of Prey

Roberts & Hassett



Jewellery can be such a personal thing and can mean a lot depending on the piece and who gives it to you. Whether you’re making something special for someone else, or you’re keen to design yourself some new bling Style Rocks lets you do just that. For a ring, you can choose from a range of bases such as a simple gold band to big stones. You then choose your colour, your embellishment, and then obviously your size. You can also design rings for men, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even cuff links. Whatever the occasion.

Style Rocks 



Jeans are right behind bathers on the worst things ever to find the perfect fit. Dejour in Brunswick, Melbourne has 10 different cuts for both men and women. You can go for high, mid or low waist, skinny or straight, the list goes on. It means whatever your size, they’ll be able to find something that works. They will then tailor your soon-to-be new jeans to your exact specifications. They use local denim and are super affordable. That’s worth a look in.

Dejour Jeans – Dejour-Jeans-in-Brunswick 



When it comes to custom made, there is nothing more important than a suit. They’re also a great gift for the younger gentlemen in your life. Suit Your Style, by definition, combine style and custom made suits very well. Their pieces are inspired by Italian tailoring with a great deal of input from the way suits are worn in real life. They pair artisan techniques with modern innovation. The result? Suits that are affordable but made just for you.

For more suit inspiration you can look to Patrick Johnson, the London-trained master tailor behind P.Johnson. These bespoke suits are on the less accessible side price wise, but they make up for it in their skill and attention to detail. The six to eight weeks it takes to make the suits is filled with TLC, which really sets these suits apart from those you can buy off the rack.

Suit Your Style


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