How To Work Denim Into Your Summer Wardrobe

If you’re like most people when clothes shopping, you’ll buy a mix of the latest trends, combined with specific items of clothing that you know will last for at least a few seasons, if not years. When choosing key fashion items, our top tips are to consider the many different ways you can wear a piece, whether it’s daytime or nighttime wear and whether you can use it through the seasons

One common key icon in our wardrobe’s is a fabulous pair of denim jeans. The ones that make your butt look good! We know denim is timeless; attractive, hardwearing, easy to keep clean and you can dress it up or down, day or night and it looks great with almost anything.

Our summer has been a scorcher, and it’s easy to avoid types of denim during the hotter months, and that’s because they feel that denim — being a thicker material — is too hot or too heavy for a summer wardrobe. This versatile fabric is a summer fashion must-have though so we chated to our fun friends at Levis to help guide us on how to pull it off.

Denim For Summer

Rigid Denim Jeans
If you’ve ever wanted to wear your jeans in summer but assumed it would be too hot, you may be surprised to learn that denim is made of cotton, which is one of the best (if not the best) materials to wear in the heat! Yeah folks, that’s right — cotton is breathable, absorbent and cooling, as it wicks sweat away from the skin and cools the circulating air as a result. Still, you probably don’t want to wear full-length classic jeans on a sweltering day, but you can certainly pull them off with a light blouse or singlet on the less sizzling summer afternoons or those cooler days at the start and end of summer. If you choose 100% cotton denim jeans, you’ll be able to rock your fave fashion item all year long! Levi’s have some great options for men and women.

Baggy Jeans

Get the denim look

The baggier your jeans, the breezier they’ll be. This means they’ll be as cool as regular jeans on cooler summer days, but even moreso. Check out Levi’s range of Wide Fit jeans for women, while guys can bring back some old school cool in Levi’s Vintage Clothing. .

Denim Shorts
You probably already have a pair of denim shorts in your summer wardrobe and they’re probably one of your favourites, but we have to mention them here, because of course they are the perfect denim piece for your summer wardrobe! If you want some denim shorts that last both in quality and style, Levi’s have some gorgeous denim shorts for women and options denim for men.

Distressed Jeans

If you want the look of jeans with the feel of something less, distressed jeans are the way to go and the bigger the holes, the better. Most distressed jeans on the market these days are skinny jeans, but the cooling effect would work better with loose-fit jeans. Either way, distressed jeans look super hot but keep you feeling cool. Especially these holey Levi’s Mile High Super Skinny Jeans in ‘It’s a Bust’ colour.

Denim Skirts
Like shorts, denim skirts may already be part of your summer wardrobe, but with a resurgence in their popularity lately, you may want to upgrade. Nothing will keep you as cool as a denim skirt, and these Levi’s skirts will go so well with your light summer tops!

Rompers and Shortalls
For the cutest look to keep you cool this summer, rompers and shortalls are the go. Paired with a singlet or crop top, you’ll have plenty of ventilation and Levi’s 100% cotton designs will keep the sweat at bay. Just perfect for those balmy summer days.

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