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Ron Bensimon DiamondsPerfect man? Check.

Perfect diamond? Check.

Perfect Ring?  Umm…

We love men, but deep down, most of us know they sometimes need help on the style front.  So, when it comes to engagement rings – perhaps a girl’s most important piece of jewellery – it can be a hit or miss affair.

Enter Ron Bensimon, who has made it his mission to help other men find the perfect diamond, and to work with couples to design their perfect ring.

Consider him a type of ‘Hitch’ – a professional diamond consultant who makes a living helping men propose to women. Ron acts as a broker between the world’s wholesale diamond market and his customers, cutting out the traditional jewellery store ‘middle man’ and saving big dollars. 

The idea is for males to select a diamond from Bensimon’s massive global database, and to propose with the stone. The couple then design the ring together – and everyone’s happy!

Ron says, “Smart purchasers understand it’s the quality of the diamond or jewellery that’s important” meaning a better diamond and ring for your budget.

As an online broker with access to the world wholesale market, Ron can sell diamonds significantly below standard retail prices.

“I also develop friendships with the couples I work with – and I often receive the first excited phone call straight after the proposal.  Nothing could make me happier!”

Hint: Call Ron now to meet for a casual coffee. Navigate the diamond trade with someone who’ll do his best to get you the perfect diamond.
Ron Bensimon: 0407 727025

Instagram: Bensimondiamonds

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