Put a ring on it

If Destiny Child’s Independent Women lyrics strike a chord with you, then let us introduce the ‘man-gagement’ ring.

For the ladies too impatient to wait for him to pop the question, or for those wanting to stake claim on your man before saying “I do”, Essential Groom thinks these rings could be for you.

More of a personal symbol of your commitment to the relationship than they are a back-off-he’s-mine warning sign, man-gagement rings are proving that pre-wedding bling is no longer reserved for the ladies.

Classy and understated or bold and chunky. Choose from matte, polished or brushed textures. Jewels or no jewels. Whatever you (or he) like.

Whether it’s a way to share the pre-wedding bling, or sparing your man the responsibility of proposal, let the equal opportunity ring-bearing begin.

Tradition might dictate that women be restricted to proposing on the 29th of February in a leap year (hello 2012), but if you’re a Beyoncé kinda gal, you may need to get busy organising your engagement surprise pronto.

Available at StyleRocks, Gregory Jewellers and KL Diamonds

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