Valentine’s Day specials, Chinese Film Festival, Best of the Oscars, and more – it’s all going off at Dendy Newtown this summer!

I challenge you to find anybody who loves a good streaming binge more than I do. But, as wonderful as it is to enjoy Hollywood blockbusters (and plenty of cheesy made-for-TV movies) in your underwear, there’s nothing quite like going to the cinema. The dark room, the giant screen, the surround sound, the smell of popcorn… it’s a special experience you just can’t recreate at home.

So, if you’re looking for a stress-free way to spend Valentine’s Day without blowing a week’s rent on one meal, why not head to the cinema? Go classic and celebrate THE NOTEBOOK’s 20th Anniversary (yes, it’s been 20 years, we’re that old!) or defy tradition and opt for Dendy’s Anti-Valentine’s screening of TRUE ROMANCE. There are also plenty of new releases to enjoy, like POOR THINGS, BOB MARLEY: ONE LOVE, THE HOLDOVERS, and MAY DECEMBER. Or, if you just want to stare wistfully at Eric Bana for a couple of hours, try his latest release, FORCE OF NATURE: THE DRY 2.

For some extra Valentine’s Day flair, Dendy Newtown has a few limited-edition cocktails and sweet treats to try. The Pomegranate Martini is light, sweet, refreshing, and surprisingly strong while the Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries are a simple, classic, and delicious combination. 

As for the Connoisseur Jam Donut Valentine’s Day Choc Top – be warned, it’s an absolute behemoth. It’s rich, flavoursome, and delicious but not exactly something you can nibble at delicately while looking oh-so-cute. So, if you’re still in the early stages of your relationship and not quite ready to show your true colours and eat like a ravenous buffalo on the first day of her period, just wait until the lights go down before you tuck in!

For those of you who couldn’t give a flying hoot about romance, there are plenty more things to explore at Dendy Newtown this February. The Chinese Film Festival runs from Thursday 15 February to Sunday 18 February with films like GREEN NIGHT, ABSENCE, and a restoration of the critically acclaimed Palme d’Or prize winner FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE. If classic award-winners are right up your street, enjoy some classic Oscar winners from 15th February – 10th March with The Best of the Best Pictures. And, for those of you who just can’t wait for DUNE: PART TWO, there’s a very special Dune Double Feature Fan Preview on February 28 at 6pm in the extra-comfy leather chairs at Dendy Lounge.

So, whatever you’re in the mood for this February – check out What’s On at Dendy Newtown to find the perfect movie (and snack)!

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