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It’s kinda funny when he fetches shower gel when you asked for conditioner, and only a touch irritating when he calls your new dress a shirt.

But when he innocently botches up your dream engagement ring, well, things can get just plain awkward.

An engagement ring is likely one of the weightiest purchases you’ll make in your entire lifetime, and if he lifts the lid on a dud you can’t just play swapsies while he’s perusing the aftershave aisle. But making the right choice doesn’t have to be so challenging.

The solution? Don’t shop for a ring at all. Propose with a dazzling cut diamond in a stunning custom-made box.

Ron Bensimon launched his personalised diamond dealing service for this reason, his digital digs allowing over six billion dollars worth of diamonds to be stocked at any time.

Simply scroll through a neat table selecting your desired cut, colour, carat and clarity and, of course, budget. There are no pushy sales assistants watching over your shoulder, but the man himself is on call electronically should you need any guidance whatsoever. 

If you like it you should indeed put a ring on it, but only after making sure it’s the perfect one. 

Bensimon Diamonds
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