Tough Mudder

There’s nothing more important than having someone by your side to pick you up when you’re down. Particularly when you’re scaling a 3.6m high wall, running through a pit of stinging nettles or being submitted to 10,000 volts of Electroshock Therapy.

So you’re going to want to have a friend (or five) by your side if you’re thinking of competing in the world’s most extreme obstacle course when it comes to Australia this year. 

Tough Mudder is a test of physical endurance and mental toughness that makes participation awards something to put on a pedestal rather than scorn at, because to get one you’ll have to clamber through a grueling 20km course.

Don’t let the names Greased Lightning and Funky Monkey mislead you — these are not dance moves you might try after a few too many drinks but challenges involving actual grease, ice-cold water and electrical currents.

Physical and mental exertion aside, it’s pretty hard to take yourself seriously when you’re drenched in mud and have just finished an obstacle called “Ball Shrinker” — so don’t show up without a sense of humour either. 

Tough Mudder
Sunshine Coast – 17 & 18 August 2013
Melbourne Spring – 14 & 15 September 2013
Sydney Spring 12 & 13 October 2013
Perth – 26 & 27 Oct 2013
Participant tickets $80 – $150

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