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For kiteboarding thrills and spills

Sitting on the beach and bodysurfing has its merits, but for relentless summer thrills you need a bay for kiteboarding. 

Steve McCormack, founder of Kitepower Australia and 17-year veteran of the water sport is convinced it’s not for everyone, but can be one of the most exhilarating, life-changing sports to take up. To get started you should be physically fit and spatially aware. A love of, and skill with water sports is sound. 

As you’ll be playing with wind – a force of nature that can change without notice, beginners start with a smaller trainer kite to master basic kite flying skills and get used to safety and powering control systems. 

You can then sign up for a lesson by one of Kitepower’s IKO qualified instructors.  In the three-hour personalised session you’ll be in Botany Bay, learning how to rig the kite, launch and land with assistance, practising safety and emergency drills to get you back on board or to shore.

Before being taken out to sea you’re kitted with the latest safety and training gear. You’ll need to purchase your own harness, kite and board equipment.  

Steve knows people who have changed their life (career moves, house and heart relocations) in the pursuit of big wind activity. It’s a passion that obviously has serious pulling power.

Kitepower Australia (Sydney)
302 The Grand Parade, Sans Souci 2219
T: 02 9529 6894

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