gonna make you sweat

Are you ready for Ustrasana, Bhujangasana and Savasana? Oh, not fluent in Sanskrit? Prepare instead to become a camel, cobra or corpse.

Throw out your preconceptions that yoga is for old ladies. Power yoga is a modern day interpretation of the traditions. It takes the best of Ashtanga (an intense, strength building workout), combines it with Iyengar’s emphasis on technique, and is set in a heated room, like Bikram. It’s a dynamic, vinyasa – or flowing – style of yoga that works with the resistance of the body to build strength and flexibility.

Duncan Peak is the founder of Power Living Australia – one of Sydney’s busiest yoga studios with up to 1000 students coming through the doors each week. He’s also a former Paratrooper with a passion for surfing who lives the belief that a healthy body and mind are connected. You can see him in action, demonstrating at the Yoga 08 exhibition. Ahem … impressive.

The number of muscular guys in the room, and girls with a ballet dancer’s suppleness is testament to Power Yoga’s intense physicality and meditative discipline of the mind. No need to worry though if you can’t even touch your toes, because there’s only one way to get there. Classes cater to all levels of wannabe yogis.

Recognise the pretzel within you. Namasté.

Power Living Australia, $17 for 10 days unlimited yoga (new students only), Level 1, 135 Military Road, Neutral Bay 2089, (02) 9904 4874.

 Sydney Yoga 08, 19-20 April, $17 per day includes entry to Fitness Expo, Sydney Exhibition and Conference Centre, Darling Harbour 2009.


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