In the director’s chair

Coppola, Howard or Scott usually gets it right, but countless are the times when a movie should just have a better ending.  One more predictable ‘they lived happily ever after’ and you’ll be driven to slit your wrists.

How do you get your favourite film the start and ending it deserves? Impro Australia’s Prequels and Sequels brings Sydney’s top comic improvisers together to remake blockbusters, comedies, thrillers, romances and art house classics – with you in control. 

Performing live and unscripted, your favourite film will be re-enacted with an exceptional dose of hilarity. They’re ready for Shrek 4, Oceans 10 or The Bourne Retirement, so pipe up on the evening for Gladiator Junior or Mr & Mrs Smith – the divorce.

You can even relocate or recast a film – Aliens vs. a Hobbit anyone? We’re wondering what would have been if Godfather was Godmother, or perhaps you’re keen to see how Jessica Alba would cope against Trinity in The Matrix?

See what it’s like in the Director’s seat.

Impro Australia
Sundays 13 April – 18 May 2008
Newtown Theatre, corner King and Bray Streets, Newtown
$20-26 plus booking fees, group concessions available.
Bookings (02) 9550 3666, or through

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