Bowery Lane Brings New York Dining to the City


If you have a hankering for a New York cheeseburger or want to quench your thirst for the Big Apple with an inspired cocktail, you’ve come to the right place. Bowery Lane is Sydney’s latest establishment to pay homage to New York’s food and fashion culture.

If you’re not paying attention you’ll nearly walk past this chic new restaurant, which is tucked in the quiet north end of Sydney’s CBD on O’Connell Street at the entrance to an office building. But there’s nothing corporate about this place.

The décor features rustic, authentic elements of industrial-era New York with exposed brick walls and raw concrete. When you walk in the door you’ll be greeted by a mini café and a charismatic barista who can give you your morning latte fix. For a sit-down breakfast, lunch or dinner, bypass the coffee and head up the stairs. Booths for two and large shared dining tables have you covered for both a romantic date night and a feast amongst friends.


Don’t forget to bring your appetite, because the food is decadent and delicious. The ingredients are locally sourced with a focus on sustainability, and their menu will be updated with the seasons. Dishes not to be missed are the cinnamon and raisin bagel served with ricotta, quince and dulce de leche for breakfast (go on, try to resist), the rock lobster sliders or soft shell crab burger for lunch time cravings and a shared plate of pork collar and scratchings with apple, parsley and fennel salad with spiced pear chutney for a dinner that leaves you seriously satisfied.


Pork collar and scratchings with apple, parsley and fennel salad with spiced pear chutney

The staff deserve mention too. They’re friendly, have a great understanding of the menu (ask them which dishes they recommend, you’ll get an actual answer, not your typical ‘they’re all good’ or ‘it depends on what you like’ reply most uninspired waiters opt for) and will suggest the perfect cocktail to match your meal.

Speaking of cocktails, their list of New York themed drinks are worth a visit alone, including the wine list of old and new wines from different regions in the USA and Australia. For a refreshing cocktail starter, go for the Southside Gangster, then complement your dessert with Bowery Lane’s Pharmaceutical Stimulant – who needs a cappuccino when you can have Ketel One vodka and Mr Black cold drip coffee liquer shaken with freshly brewed coffee and spiced vanilla.

Bowery Lane
1 O’Connell Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Monday – Friday, 7am-5pm
To make a reservation, call 02 9252 8017 or email

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