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Alexa Towersey takes control of fitnessCook, clean, shop, eat, sleep, gym, doctor, dentist, diet. So much to do, so little time. Life is busy but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the important stuff. Celebrities have personal trainers, chefs, assistants and little minions who run around sorting out shopping, washing, ironing and cleaning. But that doesn’t mean us normal people have to miss out. Thanks to cutting edge technology and some seriously cool companies, we can have our (healthy) cake and eat it too. Check out our guide on how to personalise your health:

Eat Fit Kitchen

So maybe you can’t afford a personal chef, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat takeout every night! Eat Fit Kitchen is a meal delivery service that brings fresh food to you – but what really sets it apart are the Custom Meal plans. Owner Chris says the custom meal option is on the rise; “our custom meals are very popular, they’re nutrionally balanced, preservative and refined sugar free and people like that they can choose the portion size”. Large or Light are your too choices in dishes like a deceptively delicious No Butter Chicken and Meatless Balls with Wholemeal Pasta. Meals are delivered fresh to your door on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or can be picked up for free from gyms around the city. The Custom Meal Plan has 3 and 6 day options, you pick two meals a day from the full menu and voila, are on the way to a healthy, balanced diet. Hot tip – stock up on snacks like Bliss Bars and protein balls. They’re good, really good.

FIT Nutrition Fix

Get your personalised smoothie from Fit Nutrition Fix

Get your personalised smoothie from FIT Nutrition Fix

Whey, soy, pea, weight gainer, sugar release, slow release, tone, pre-workout, post-workout – there are protein powders for every type of workout or body type. Each with an ingredient list that’s longer than a page of the dictionary. FIT Nutrition Fix is a brand new Bondi Junction store and smoothie bar that’s giving you the power to pick the right protein for you. Their easy to use in store touch screen quiz runs through a few simple questions – your fitness goals, sleep patterns, food intolerances, stress levels – and spits out recommendations for protein, vitamins, supplements and smoothies. It’s a personalized consultation that takes the guesswork out of this sometimes overwhelming space. The smoothie bar’s nutritionally balanced drinks are all super tasty but are also categorised by Performance, Control, Health so if you don’t have time to take the quiz and find your perfect match, you can figure out which smoothie sounds right for you. 78 Spring St, Bondi Junction,

Fitbit Alta

Fitness meets fashion with the Fitbit Alta

Fitness meets fashion with the Fitbit Alta

If you’ve ever needed a kick start to get your butt into gear, the new Fitbit Alta should be on your wrist right now. The fitness tracker is like a little voice on your shoulder (wrist in this instance) that says “hey, get up and move”. Literally. The Alta provides a little Reminder to Move, vibrating quietly, when you have been inactive for a while. This kind of personalised technology means there’s no excuses! The newest Fitbit model also automatically tracks exercise types, recognising exercises like cycling, sport and time on the elliptical machine and recording the activity. Customise your daily step goals, set up group challenges and sync your Fitbit with your phone Bluetooth to get call and text notifications. The Alta’s interchangeable wrist bands, including a very sleek stainless steel and luxe graphite and blush pink leather bands, mean your Fitbit can match your outfit. Like we said, no excuses, not even a cocktail party! From $199.95,

The Health Clinic

Australia’s very first online nutrition clinic is going to change our calendars like nothing else. No more rushing out of work early to get to an appointment on time – consultations take place online so all you need to do is log on and book in. Joining is like a gym membership; with a monthly fee that includes two one-on-one consultations a month, access to health trackers, treatment plans, discounts on health products, and your own profile page. The personal profile page allows you to upload everything from goals, targets, exercise plans, body measurements and even test results. The Health Clinic is the brain child of practicising nutritionist Pip Reed and Accredited Practising Dietian Robbie Clark, and they’ve stocked this site with everything from recipes and cooking demonstrations to blog articles.

Blackmores Wellbeing Centre

Get advice from naturopaths at the Blackmores Wellbeing Centre

Get advice from naturopaths at the Blackmores Wellbeing Centre

Feeling tired? Rundown, or maybe a little lethargic? Take more vitamins! It’s what mum always says but easier said than done. Have you looked in the vitamin aisle at the supermarket lately? There’s a pill for anything and everything. The new flagship Blackmores store in Bondi Junction is here to help, with a full staff of trained naturopaths on hand to offer consultations for a small fee. They’ll help you work out your wellbeing goals and natural health care plan. Now it’s not just about vitamins – Mindful Ocean is a technology developed in consultation with Swinburne University of Technology. It maps your brain waves, putting together a personalized session to demonstrate the effect of relaxation and mindfulness on the body. The Blackmores Wellbeing Check is great too – a two minute questionnaire that helps you work out what you need to do to keep your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing on point. Level 5, Westfield Bondi Junction,

A Personal Fitness Program

We all know a full time personal trainer can eat into the budget, but just because you don’t want a session every week, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from personalised fitness programs. Plenty of personal trainers will happily work out a few programs with you in a one on one session. Meet up with them once every six weeks for a new program and to check you’re on the right path. PT and IsoWhey Sports Athlete Lauren Hannaford believes “personalised fitness programs are the only way forward”. Her advice on structuring your own fitness regime is to break your workout down into three segments:
1. A style of exercise that you enjoy
2. A style of exercise that keeps your motivated
3. A style of exercise that really challenges and makes you push yourself.

Alexa Towersey, founder of Creative Curves and also an IsoWhey Sports Athlete says you need to “train smart”: “it’s important to schedule your workout at a time that YOU know you are most likely to do it. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.” Check out the IsoWhey website for a new e-book offering more tips on everything from workouts and recovery to meal plans and stress management.

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