Devon serves up innovative Uni Brunch in Barangaroo

It is fair to say that the unique and exciting Brunch offerings at Devon have a well deserved cult following. Exhibit A: the constant queue outside this rather unassuming cafe in the middle of the Barangaroo maze. Exhibit B: the colourful insta stream of creative food pics from fans across Sydney.

We (and thousands of you!) LOVED their incredible Truffle Brunch menu a couple of years ago, so we were super excited to try their new Brunch experience. Their latest menu is centred around the sea urchin (=Uni in Japanese) and features a combination of reimagined long time favourites and new items featuring this Japanese delicacy. You will also have the chance to try other treats such as foie gras, scallops and caviar. This ain’t your typical Sydney Brunch game, people…. And all of this gorgeousness comes for $88pp plus drinks which is pretty fantastic.

The outstanding Trio of Tasters

We settle in for our first course. It is a Trio of Tasters which includes the aforementioned foie gras paired with wagyu steak which just melts in our mouths. The perfectly cooked scallop is presented in the shell and topped with Avruga caviar and drizzled with a light butter sauce. And the Uni “Egg” Sandwich whose name does not quite convey the delicate visual beauty and flavours of combining salmon skin with Uni (sea urchin), salmon roe and Avruga caviar. We wash this down with a glass of Prosecco. What a start!

Second course is the Fish sando with crunchy crispy fluffy Katsu hake along with lettuce, homemade caviar tartare sauce and cheese in a potato bun. And did we mention it is topped with Caviar and Uni? This is the grown up Filet-o-Fish experience you have been waiting your life for. More please! Next up is a generous individual serve of their Uni topped noodles with fresh tiger prawns from Queensland, eggs, noodles and a spicy XO sauce kick to boot. Coupled with crisp fresh fries and greens on the side. A cheeky little rose is our complement here.

Wt take a breather before dessert, because we need to save some room for the finale. It is a visual treat: a bright purple Ube Sundae with boba (which are the chewy tapioca balls you will recognise from bubble tea), Japanese mochi and brown sugar. Wowsers!

Devon always slays desserts!

Devon does it again with what is undoubtedly the most innovative brunch in Sydney at the moment – and allows you to try menu items that are often out of reach. Consider this your Luxe for Less Brunch experience – well worth getting the girls together for your next day time catchup in the city, even if there is a short queue.

Devon Cafe – note Barangaroo only ,Shop 19, 200 Barangaroo Ave
Barangaroo NSW 2000
Hours: Mon-Fri 0730-1430,Sat-Sun 0900-1500

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