New Year, New Look? Don’t Forget Your Hair!

If your New Year’s resolution this year was to change yourself physically in any way – whether via weight loss, a new tattoo, a makeover or anything else – you may already be well on the way to achieving your goals. If you are, congratulations! You’re off to a great start and whatever it is, we’re glad you’re doing something to make yourself happy. Now that you’re looking like a new you though, you might want to give some attention to your crowning glory – the shining halo that follows you around everywhere and is usually the first thing people notice about you. Yes, we’re talking about your hair! 

New Year, New Look? Don’t Forget Your Hair!
If you want your hair to look better in 2020 than it ever has before, keep reading because we’ll be listing the top 10 good hair habits you can easily integrate into your routine. The best part is that these habits are all achievable, making it simple to keep your routine going!

Start with a fresh hairdo
If you’re doing the whole ‘new year, new look’ thing, why not also apply it to your hair? Whether you just trim a centimetre or two off, go for a whole new do or change your colour, you’ll be giving yourself a fresh, new canvas to work with from that point onwards.

If you’re a little scared of permanent change, there are a few things you can do to bring yourself into the new decade without dramatically altering your hair. Why not try some clip-in Hair extensions or splash out with a wild semi-permanent hair colour, that’ll turn your locks a vibrant shade of your choice for only a few weeks.

Visit your salon more often
Now that you have a beautiful new hair style, why not take that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ feeling and reward yourself with it throughout the whole year? All you need to do to make sure you stick to this is make your salon appointments in advance. Sure, you may end up missing or rescheduling one or two, but if you have them booked in advance, you’re more likely to attend. A quality salon like Hairhouse not only offers a variety of services across their 130 professional salons, but you can also book your appointments online. Easy!

Learn how to style your natural hair like a pro
Instead of continuously trying to change your hair’s texture by blowdrying, straightening or curling, why not get online and do some research to learn how to work with your natural texture? It’s really easy to bring out the best in your natural hair, whether it’s straight or curly, thick or thin. Why not try some different products like a texturising creme to add some oomph to thin hair, or a serum to keep the flyaways calm in curly hair? There are so many options and really, we all look great in the hair we were born with, so wear it with pride!

weekly treatments

Try weekly treatments
People who are in the spotlight – celebrities and social media gurus – use weekly hair treatments to keep their hair looking fab, so why wouldn’t you? Weekly treatments can make your hair look like the hair you see in shampoo ads, so yeah – why not try it? If you’re not sure which hair treatment is best for your hair, you can spend this year trialling all the different treatments until you find one you love!

Use less heat
If you’re using heat on your hair every day, you could be damaging it. Did you know there are ways to straighten or curl your hair without using heat? For example, cold curlers or cloth curlers can be used to curl it, while you can straighten it by pinning it around your head before bed at night. If you do use the hairdryer or straightener make sure you protect your hair with a heat protector!

Cut out a couple of wash days
Similar to the above, over-washing your hair causes damage, stripping the natural oils and drying out your hair. Unless you’re getting particularly dirty each day, you really only need to wash your hair one or two days per week, maximum. In between washes, you can do an up-do, which usually work better with slightly dirty hair anyway! If you’re finding your hair is slightly too oily between washes try a dry shampoo which will easily get you through it.

Try some natural products
The nicest hair I’ve ever seen belonged to somebody who only ever used 100% natural, homemade products on her hair. This really seemed like a major pain in the neck for her, but still – the results didn’t lie. Having said that, we’re not all as determined to ditch the chemicals and frankly, who has time to DIY their own shampoo these days? Thankfully, there are plenty of natural hair products on the shelves that make us feel good about using them, while saving us a huge amount of time and effort. Your hair will thank you!

Beautify from the inside out
Our diet undoubtedly influences the way our hair looks, so eating a highly nutritious diet with plenty of water and without the junk will make our manes shine like crazy. Sure, this one involves a little more work than the other tips, but if we’re overhauling ourselves this year, why not make ourselves glow with beauty and health inside and out?

Sleep on silk
This is a pleasant tip! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will prevent your hair from developing knots and split ends, like a cotton pillowcase can cause. Silk also has the benefit of keeping your skin wrinkle free and reducing the bacteria on your pillow, which prevents skin breakouts, so there’s no reason not to do this one! 

Love the hair you have
Whether you do one of the above tips or all of them, the one thing that will guarantee you always love your hair is if you accept it and treat it well. Gratitude is an amazing thing – when you consider that there are people who don’t have any hair for whatever reason, it can make you appreciate what you have.

We’re sure you’ll love your hair after these tips though, so wear it with pride as you take 2020 by storm with the new you and your truly glorious hair!

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