An Amazing Gift For Every Mum

Mother’s Day is creeping up again and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be pulling your hair out, trying to find that one gift that’ll make mum think those years of nappy changing, nursing us when we were sick and putting up with our teenage years was somewhat worth it. Yep, those same-old gift guides full of bath bombs and chocolates just aren’t going to cut it.

What to do? We love our mums but are super busy, so we are giving our low down on a onestop shop which may just fit the bill and gift list. So hereHere are our curated top picks. What kind of mum do you have??

For the Green-thumb Mum

Urban Greens Mixologists Grow Kit 
Mum can grow her own cocktail herbs! and then you can benefit from a sneaky pour?

If your mum loves gardening but doesn’t have the room, this excellent little Urban Greens Mixology Grow Kit will thrill her to bits. This will give her a sense of accomplishment, as well as a bragging point next time she has aunty Karen over for a girl’s night. You can insta it and get street creds!

The grow kit contains 5 seed varieties, including Strawberries, Basil Cinnamon, Blue Borage, Lemon Balm and Korean Mint. It also contains 5 little Peat Pots, 5 expanding substrate discs, 5 plant labels and an instruction booklet that includes a few cocktail recipes using the herbs. Of course, your mum doesn’t have to use these herbs for cocktails and if you’d like more variety, you could also buy her the Urban Greens Groovy Greens Grow Kit or the Urban Greens Some Like it Hot Pepper Grow Kit.

For the Mum with Everything

Cloud Weather Station

It’s quirky, it’s fun and it’s handy! OMG we love this. It’s a cute Cloud Weather Station storm glass with a classy beechwood base. Despite its modern look, it is a traditional weather-predicting tool that seafarers used to rely on to predict the weather before and during a voyage. nostalgia and uber cool in one pressie! The mixture of chemicals inside a sealed glass container and weather changes are supposed to be predicted when the chemicals crystallise in the following ways:

  • If the liquid in the glass is crystal clear = bright, clear weather
  • Cloudy liquid = cloudy weather with a chance of rain
  • Small white dots in the liquid = humid or foggy weather 
  • Cloudy glass with small star-like crystals = thunderstorms
  • Clear glass with small star-like crystals on winter’s day = thunderstorms
  • Crystal threads near the top = windy
  • Large flakes = overcast or snowy 
  • Crystals at the bottom = frost

Personalised Latitude & Longitude Bar Pendant Necklace

Is there a special place and time time your mum would love to remember forever – perhaps her wedding or your birth? So lets get personal – Personalised Latitude & Longitude Bar Pendant Necklace will make sure she never forgets! Is she a rose gold, gold or silver finish mum? either way its suspended on a rolo chain and you can have each of its four sides engraved – one with names, one with dates, one with the longitude and one with the latitude of where your mum’s special memory occurred. We love this one.

Create an Experience to Remember

Escape Room for 2 Players (available in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth)

If your mum can’t put down her phone or tablet due to her love of escape room games, well she is going to absolutely love this gift! This real-life Escape Room Experience for two is held in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth and is a 90-minute adventure to remember. Your mum and one other person (maybe you?) will enjoy problem solving their way out of a private room, with only a game master in attendance to help out if needed. Once they escape, your mum and her companion can enjoy refreshments on site, while chatting about how cool it all was.

Each location changes the room theme every now and then, which means even if your mum has been before, she’ll likely have a fresh experience. She can even dress the part and come in costume if she wants a fully-immersive experience! Just make sure she brings her camera. Escape rooms are so much fun and your mum will be very unlikely to forget such a unique experience. 

Mystery Flight Day Trip

Send your mum on a mystery flight tour!

There have probably been a few times (likely during your teen years) where you’ve felt like putting your mum on a random plane and sending her to wherever it’s going. Well, now you actually can, but this time, she’ll appreciate it! That’s right – this gift involves a Mystery Flight Day Trip to a surprise location via plane. Your mum could end up anywhere, from a day on the beach at a tropical paradise to an exciting city tour, a relaxing winery visit or any other wonderful location from a choice of 11 destinations. Wherever she ends up, she’s sure to have an absolutely fantastic time and all she needs to do is choose a travel date, turn up for her flight and then relax on board while her destination is revealed via her itinerary. This is such a fun way of showing your mum how much you love her!

If It Has to Be Traditional, Why Not Splurge?

Love’s Divine Floral Arrangement

Say Happy Mum’s Day with some rather expensive flowers! 

There’s no doubt that a huge bunch of flowers says ‘I love you’ without a doubt, but everyone gives their mum flowers and it just seems so boring… unless you choose an over-the-top, hugely elaborate and expensive bunch, that is! This stunning Love’s Divine Floral Arrangement of red and white roses is beautifully presented and will definitely brighten mum’s day, even if they are a bit too traditional. If the price tag is a little over-the-top for something that will only last a couple of weeks, then you can select one of the other beautiful arrangements from the flower range at Gifts Australia.

In fact, the Gift’s Australia range has many more wonderful, quirky and fun products, hampers, personalised knick-knacks and experiences for mum or anyone else. It’s definitely worth checking out, but be warned – you might do what I did and end up buying more for yourself than for your mum!

So check out Gifts Australia for more!

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