C’est chic, Physique

How much do we love Olivia Newton-John in that Physical film clip? Or – and, please, forgive us if you’re a youngster – Jamie-Lee Curtis and John Travolta in Perfect?

If you’ve never quite got over the 80s, you’ll love the Physique aerobics class held each Tuesday night in Collingwood. Not only are fluoro lycra and off-the-shoulder crop tops accepted, they’re positively encouraged.

As well as getting a full one-hour workout, your ear drums will be treated to some of the greatest artists of the decade: Wham! perhaps, or Duran Duran. If you’re really lucky, the instructor might even grapevine to some Phil Collins.

Physique Aerobics
JTC Studios, 67 Cromwell Street, Collingwood
Classes cost $15 (or $60 for a five-class pass)
Book online at physique.virb.com

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